Arist:A Winter Lost
Release date:08/11/2010
Label:Sun & Moon Records


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  • 1.
    Der Schrei05:29
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Aus der Welt05:39
  • 4.
    Der Träumende04:45
  • 5.
    Der Sturm05:12
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The Review

A Winter Lost is a trio from Canada, formed in 2005 and after five years they managed to release their first and only album, “Weltenende” (2010). So in this album they play a slow tempo, melancholic and in some parts frozen Black Metal with some acoustic guitar passages and choral female vocals.

The guitars are quite in high and play the leading role in the tracks. The riffs have some good ideas and in some parts they try to create a feeling, images and power but unfortunately throughout the album they can’t keep the listener’s interest. The constant repetition of the same riff, the monotony of the rhythm in every track and the uninspired acoustic passages make the tracks tedious and boring. The bass can’t be heard almost at all whereas the drums in some parts are very satisfactory and they try to help the tracks, in other parts they ruin the tracks with mistakes either concerning the rhythm either in synchronization with the guitar. The vocals are harsh Black Metal vocals that try to save the situation with their expressiveness, the passion and power that they have. The clean coral female vocals, I think that they shouldn’t exist because they were ruining the atmosphere and they didn’t fit to the feeling that the band wanted to create to the listener. The production is quite clean with the guitars and the drums in the frontline and the vocals where they have to be. The disadvantage of the mix is that the bass can hardly be heard.

The lyrics are in German, I can’t understand why, so I don’t know exactly what they deal with but considering the cover and the atmosphere that the music tried to create, they may deal with nature, winter etc. Generally although the album isn’t very long and the tracks’ duration isn’t long, they become boring. If you exempt the very few good moments, the album didn’t offer me anything and I believe that it doesn’t deserve your time or your money. The fans of slow tempo, cold Black Metal listen to it before you buy.