Acheron (U.S.A.) 14/04/2011

This is the first interview that Vincent Crowley of Acheron has given since the recent reunion of the band. Read why they split – up a year before, about their reunion, and generally the past, the present and as it seems, the band’s future.
1. Hi Vincent, thank you very much for the interview. Acheron is a really old band one of the first that played Black/Death. Do you want to give us some information about the band? Why there was so many changes to the line up? Can you explain me why the band split up?
Vincent Crowley: ACHERON is a Thrashing Black/Death Metal band that was formed back in 1988. As like in many bands, sometime you have to work with a number of different people to keep a band alive. And I did just that. ACHERON has some misunderstandings about a year ago, but we all worked things out and we are back! So get ready for some more Satanic Slaughter!
2. Your music and lyrics are always Satanic. Is Satan your only inspiration? Do you write for the band? Which other bands do you think that have influenced your sound and style?
Vincent Crowley: The Darkside, anti-white light religions and the Occult were always my main influences. Bands like MERCYFUL FATE, VENOM, BLACK SABBATH, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, SLAYER, KREATOR, ONSLAUGHT, INFERNAL MAJESTY, BATHORY and DESTRUCTION were big influences.
3. I think you have some other bands and one of them, Wolfen Society, is still active. Do you want to tell us about your other bands and about your experience in the scene all these years?
Vincent Crowley: WOLFEN SOCIETY was a metal project I did with Lord Ahriman of DARK FUNERAL, Kyle Severn of INCANTATION/ACHERON, Rictor Ravensbruck and Thomas Thorn or THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB. We recorded a min-cd called “CONQUER DIVINE”. But the band never did anything after that recording.
4. You were a Reverend in the Church of Satan for some time. Why did you resigned? Are you still a Satanist in the LaVeyian way? If i don't make a mistake I think that LaVey created a philosophy and a attitude of life not a religion. What is Satanism for you? Do you practice magic?
Vincent Crowley: I just didn’t want to be a part of ANY organized group. To me Satanism is a lifestyle, not a religion. But my personal views stem from many things. I am very much into the Occult and Magick.
5. All those years you were a part of the underground scene. What is your opinion about the underground of the U.S.A. and BLACK METAL in general? How do you describe your music? Are you BLACK METAL?
Vincent Crowley: The Underground is for the select few. The USA has a limited amount of people supporting it. But that is alright, let the masses choke on their shitty Hip Hop Rap bullshit! We are few, but we are many! We have been called Black/Death/Thrash. I’s just say we are ACHERON!
6. Are you still composing music? What is your job exept for music?
Vincent Crowley: Of course I am. I have lots of new music. As for a job, I do whatever I need to do. (Ha, Ha)
7. Here in greece, Unisound records had re-released your "Rites of the Black Mass" album. Is this a bootleg? What was your co-operation with that label?
Vincent Crowley: What? That is a total bootleg! I never did a deal with them! Fuckers! Burn their business down!
8. What kind of music do you listen to?
Vincent Crowley: All kinds of music.
9. Are there any bands (old or new) that you respect for music and/or attitude?
10. What's your opinion about nsbm? Is there any connection between Satan and nazi?
Vincent Crowley: To each their own. Satan is “Do What Thou Wilt”, so that all depends on the person or band.
11. Have you ever visited greece for a live show or vacation? Do you like any greek band? Do you know if you have many fans in greece?
Vincent Crowley: I have never been to Greece. I would love to come visit one day. Yes, I like several bands from there. And we have had many Greek fans throughout the years. One of our old labels BLACK LOTUS RECORDS was based in Greece.
12. Tell me your future plans about Acheron and your other bands about live shows or future releases? Is there any posibility to reactivate Acheron?
Vincent Crowley: ACHERON is back, but no plans yet. We Hope to start playing some shows and fests soon. After that we will just have to see.
13. Do you want to say something for conclution?
Vincent Crowley: Thanks to everyone who have helped support ACHERON throughout the years. You all rule in Hell! We hope to bring you more Metal in the future! Ave Satanas!
14. Thank you very much for the interview. Keep up the good work. Horns Up!
Vincent Crowley: Thank you again for the interview and i wish you to continue your great unholy preaching! Horns Up!