Release date:15/01/2011


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  • 1.
    Black Marble Portals of Misery05:16
  • 2.
    At the Endless Bridge Forever He Shall Wander06:41
  • 3.
    Gathering Around the Black Oasis05:56

The Review

Aegeon is a very new band from Finland, formed in 2010 and released their first demo in 2011. Here there are three tracks of melancholic-depressive Black Metal.

The first is a mid-tempo track with very interesting work in the guitars, epic composition with melancholic passages. The second track is slower, with a clear melancholic-depressive orientation. In guitars the group has done a remarkable job but the track appears to be the same with Xasthur. The same happens in the third track. Although there is a very good job in the guitars’ lines the track reminds of many other known bands of this genre. The vocals are typical grim high vocals edited with the help of the studio-filters. The production is not so good: the guitars sound lifeless and can barely be heard. Many good riffs are missed because of the production. The vocals are in the frontline, this is not annoying but sometimes they cover the other instruments. The bass lines are mixed with the guitar and you can’t listen to them at all. That thing that i just didn’t like at first and annoyed me afterwards was the drum-machine. Lifeless, weak, monotonous, repetitive, frustrating. The lyrics are totally harmonized with the music, depressive, they present personal worries, fears, thoughts of the man behind Aegeon.

I think that this demo isn’t bad. There are some very good parts in the guitars but the group needs to work more on the production and to find its identity. However if you don’t have anything else to listen to from the depressive-suicidal scene it’s worth to listen it.