Arist:Agonia Blackvomit
Release date:02/11/2010
Label:Slava Satan Records
Limitation:50 copies

Rites Of Unholy Seed

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    3 Sisters06:58
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    No Mercy05:16
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The Review

My knowledge on the later Black Metal scene of Italy were very few. The most recent material that I got from there, shows an evolving scene with some really good bands. One of those band is Agonia Blackvomit which was formed in 2010 and they have released one demo. Although their name refers to the dirty, fast and usually with bad quality south America’s Black, the music that they play in the “Rites of Unholy Seed” has no relation with the sound that came to my mind.

Here you will find mid – tempo, mainly, Thrash/Black with very nice epic and Heavy influences and Occult atmosphere. This album contains 6 tracks, 3 of which are ambient introductions and the rest 3 are epic Trash/Black. The ambient tracks are atmospheric and they put you in the mood of the album. The riffs are very interesting and powerful. There are a few changes in the riffs but the tracks are constructed so as to keep your attention until the end. The guitars are well – played, although that they are a little more in the frontline fits perfectly with the very good bass and give a solid sound. The drums, although I think they come from a drum machine, have been worked very well and match the result. The only thing that I can say for the drums is that in some parts they can’t be heard clearly because of their low volume. The vocals are monotonous, harsh, worked in studio, fact that didn’t match with the band’s sound. The production has paid attention to the bass and guitars so that to offer a very solid and with depth sound whereas the drums are in the background and in some parts can’t be heard clearly. The lyrics deal with occultism and antichristian hatred. The track I liked best both musically and lyrically is “3 sisters”.

In general the album left me a very good taste and I think that it’s worth listening to it.