Arist:Almighty Sathanas
Release date:01/01/2007
Label:Alastor Rex

Spit On Virgin

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  • 1.
    Unholy Goat03:18
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Spit on Virgin03:27
  • 5.
    Om Mani Padme Houm04:24
  • 6.
    The Dance of Cosmos03:37

The Review

Almighty Sathanas is a Greek black/death metal band created in 2004 and started as an one-man project. After the release of the first two demos a drummer come into the band. Spit on virgin is their second demo that consists of 6 tracks of black/death metal. Their sound reminds me of the sound of Greek black/death scene of the early 90s and the sound of the latin american scene. All tracks are sort and easy to be listened to.

There is a main riff in every track on which the whole track is based. There are very few changes in the songs. However, some of the riffs’ ideas are not bad but i feel they should have been worked out more. The drums come from a drum-machine, although i don’t have any problem with the well-programed drum-machines, but the drum-programing in this album is in my opinion hasty and careless and as a result there are many mistakes. The vocals are black/death vocals, heavy and dark, and in some parts of the songs they become more grimy. The production is not bad but it could have been better. The guitars are in the front line, as they are the most noticeable part in this demo, the drums comes exactly under the guitars and you can hear them clearly,not such a good idea with this drums quality. The bass is also here but somewhere in the backround. An other thing that you will notice is that the mixture of the songs has many mistakes and appears to be made by an amateur. The most irritating thing is that when you finish listening to the album the only sense that remains is the sense of a rough, careless and amateur result.

This demo is not a so bad attempt, if you consider that in this recording the band consists of one member. However you won’t find anything new and worthwhile. The Greek underground black metal has many old or new treasures to be discovered and this demo surely isn’t one of them. Prefer something else.