Release date:16/11/2012
Label:Northern Silence Productions


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  • 1.
  • 2.
    I forfædres fodspor06:07
  • 3.
    Vemods hjemstavn07:40
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  • 5.
    Fælles fjende07:08
  • 6.
    Stille skarpe knive09:06
  • 7.
    Skovens egne våben09:15

The Review

If I had to give to someone an album to listen so as to understand which the sound of the Scandinavian Black Metal of 2012 is, I think that “Forvist” would be one of the most appropriate. So, Angantyr come from Denmark and they were formed in 1997 while they have released five albums until today. Ynleborgaz, their only member, in the recent “Forvist” continues in the well-known style that he had presented also in previous albums. Namely, I refer to the mixture of the epic Bathory-like style with the classic, Scandinavian Black Metal sound, maybe they remind of Enslaved.

The album, which symbolizes the trip of the ship of the cover, it begins with the sound of the sea and a beautiful introduction made by an acoustic, it continues with seven compositions of about an hour of duration and it ends again with the sound of the sea, completing the travel. It tries to get the listeners with it by using melodic, mid tempo, epic riffs and harsh, fast, Scandinavian riffs. The riffs, although they are quite predictable, have much variety and they are structured correctly, so that they make the tracks quite interesting. The premier target of the compositions is the creation of atmosphere and images depending on the part of the trip, something that is achieved perfectly.

The guitars are those which play the first role in the compositions, they are responsible for the atmosphere and the passion of the tracks while their sound is clean and they are played quite well. The drums and the bass have simple lines, they fill the sound quite well but nothing more. The vocals are harsh, quite expressive Black Metal vocals with much passion and power. The production is very clean, almost perfect, at least for the style of the compositions. Also the mixture is very good as the sound that comes out is very massive and all the instruments are distinct. The lyrics are written in Danish and unfortunately I don’t know what they deal with. However I believe that although the listener can’t understand the lyrics, he doesn’t have any difficulty to live the experience that the album offers to him.

Angantyr continue steadily their journey into Black Metal with the love, the passion and the quality that they have shown also in their previous releases. In “Forvist” don’t expect to find anything different from that you already know from the band. Those who liked the previous albums, they will like this one too. In general this is a quite good album and one good opportunity for those who don’t know them, to make their first contact with the band.