Release date:15/04/2010


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    Hacia lo eterno03:46
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The Review

The bands from latin America will be either awful, either they will be very interesting. This Peruvian band, Antylife, are somewhere in the middle. The demo begins with a five minutes ambient-like intro in which you can listen to someone in a basement hitting stuff, vomiting and retching. As you can understand it is awful. Without having any purpose and without putting you in the atmosphere of the demo.

The first track is mid-tempo with slow passages. It also appears some band’s influences of Heavy Metal. Also the alternation between clean choral vocals and grim Black Metal vocals makes the track more interesting. The second track is also moving in mid – tempo rhythms and in some parts it becomes faster. At the end of the track there is another intro, the same as the first one, awful. The next track is clearly Black Metal. Mainly it is mid and slow tempo with suicidal – depressive melodies with some fast Black Metal parts. The final track and in my opinion the best track of the demo, is mid-tempo with some epic elements. An outro follows without any interest. In general this claustrophobic, depressive feeling exists in every track of the album.

The riffs catch you and keep you interested from the beginning until the end. The drums and the bass are doing their job, nothing special. The vocalist is channeling all of his paranoia and the claustrophobic feeling to the listener. The production is bassy but it creates a very good result. Generally, apart from the awful intros, this demo is very good and it deserves your attention. I wait for their new material.