Aosoth (France) 26/01/2011

One of the most important musicians and personalities in the French Black Metal, formed Antaeus in '94 and after 12 years with difficulties, obstacles but also with many important releases he decided to split them up. Aosoth is the band which continue from where Antaeus stopped. MkM gave me willingly all information that i asked... Enjoy...
1. Hi MkM thanks for this interview. Give me please some information about Aosoth. Describe Aosoth's music.
MkM: Aosoth took form in 2002 as a "side" musical project from Antaeus (which started in 94/95); it is now a full entity, another chapter on the same path. Aosoth music has gone from ambient to raw black or black/thrash or even 90s death metal elements. Depending on the line up.
2. Except of Aosoth you have participated in many other bands. Personally i prefer Antaeus... Why is Antaeus inactive? Tell me about the experience you have gained during all these years in the different projects.
MkM: Antaeus is my main band & inactive since we had numerous problems, including line up issues. We haven't found a drummer (steady one) since 2002, we had some sessions but only ZVN (who did the drums on blood libels) had the skills we wanted - but he was not interested in being in that band & went on with his. On the tour we did in 2006, everything went wrong and as a result, only the core of the band did remain (Set / guitars - and myself vocalist). Experience gained : being more & more bitter.
3. Do you write music and lyrics? Of what do you get you inspiration?
MkM: Only lyrics, I do get around myself musicians with the same musical background and thus get to let them handle their part of the composition, we would discuss structures and other details, but all music are written by the main guitar player (be it in aosoth or antaeus). Inspiration : from my values and way of life. Most lyrics are introspective and somehow revealing what is within.
4. Do you use any substances? Do they help you during composing music?
MkM: No substances are used for composition & any writing process for Antaeus or Aosoth.
5. Do you keep in touch with Set? What's going on with Set and what happened between you two?
MkM: Yes, I didn't see him much in the last 4/5 years, maybe once a year or so. We had our own issue to deal with. That tour we did in 2006 with secrets of the moon was a mistake, we went there with session members and all gigs were failure - we felt like we did betray our work in "blood libels" and tensions did rise from that situation. Thus that lap of time during which the band would be on hold or "dead", whatever term fits the best. Bored having to define, I guess that as long as I'll be breathing, Antaeus will exist somehow, this act is one expression of sickness.
6. I think that your second Aosoth album has a more Death Metal character than your first. Why? How do you feel about that album?
MkM: I feel better about it than the "thrash" metal aspect from the first one, we always had people complaining about both Antaeus & Aosoth not being "true" enough or so since not sounding like the usual scandinavian bm bands. Everyone did spit on Antaeus and weirdly enough, now, 10 years after those releases are now respected. Whatever really...
7. In my opinion, in the Antaeus' releases the way that you sing is very special but it has changed... What do you have to say about that? How do you feel that one big part of the underground BLACK METAL scene believe that you are the greatest performer in BLACK METAL?
MkM: Would disagree, I do not consider myself as any kind of special singer or so, I just never felt like doing a copycat of others. Nor in the structure or the content. And to be honest, I've never heard any kind of comments about the one thing you just stated. Dead & Arioch would be the names I would have in mind for the most impressive vocalist within that genre. And Diamanda Galas in her earlier works for the most intense vocal performance ever.
8. Are you a Satanist? What kind of Satanism do you follow? What is "religion" for you in general and what role does it play in your life?
MkM: Yes. The role it does play in my life? It is the basis and among the values affecting my every decision, everyday, every second, every thoughts.
9. What kind of music do you listen to? Are there any bands (old or new) that you respect for music and/or attitude?
MkM: Mostly stopped listening to music for the last years, am very impulsive and borderline. My relation towards music got a bit too much of a vortex. Otherwise, I do still play from time to time the older releases I was into (satanic dm & bm from the early 90s). I do support most bands from the Norma Evangelium Diaboli camp, also other acts but since I didn't get to meet all individuals related to it.
10. What do you think about the BLACK METAL scene of France? Do you want to suggest me any group?
MkM: Am not in touch or so with the scene around here, I guess it's the same anywhere, a band is mostly never respected or considered in its own country... and here unless you would be an NSBM band, you are a lame act. So most contacts I have in France are just based on tension or threats. DSO and "fas/kenose" are my favorite releases from France would also mention VI, the band from our bass player in Aosoth.
11. What is your opinion about the big increase of the nsBM scene in your country and generally about this type of BLACK METAL?
MkM: Not aware of any increase of NSBM here, would even think there are less bands than some years ago. Positive thing about some of those bands : they would express strong hate and you could feel that... but others are just crap and using NS sigils to catch attention without really getting to understand what they are doing. Also I would rather talk with bands being NS & having a "black metal" sound and yet not considering themselves as black metal, just "rac" with another sound aspect.
12. You have visited Greece in the past for live shows. Tell me a moment in those shows that you won't forget. How do you feel about the Greek BLACK METAL fans?
MkM: One live performance in Athens, you might confuse us with Arkhon Infaustus who performed there more than once. The gig in Athens with Injekting Khaos and Dead Congregation was intense, felt like back in time, getting to see a crowd of maniac, It's been a while since I had to feel such a vibe in a gig, apart from those we did in our hometown of Paris around 10 years ago. That one performance will remain among the strongest memory when it comes to performing live. all hails to all those who made it possible then !
13. Do you like any Greek band? Which Greek band would you like to play with? When will Aosoth come for a live show?
MkM: The One, we will perform with him soon in Paris. Injekting Khaos and Dead Congregation are killer acts, Unholy Archangel : would have liked to perform with them... Heard many very interesting demos and so on. I haven't heard anything since some years from your country apart from Dephosphorus. Great new formation.
14. Are you working on new material at the moment? When do you plan to release a new album?
MkM: We should have had the third album done by now, but it will be delayed once again, all tracks are composed, bass lines are missing and fixing the vocals as well. It shall be out on Agonia, do think it should be out in the first semester of 2011. If no problem would occur in the meantime...
15. To conclude do you want to tell us about your programed live shows or add some final words.
MkM: 616. Hails to you for the space given.