Release date:01/04/2010

The Persecution from Heaven

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    The Mothman03:27

The Review

Armageddon is a new five – men band from the Greek scene which was formed in 2009 and here they present us their first release as a demo. In The Persecution from Heaven we meet two tracks of melodic Black Metal that reminds the Swedish scene. Both two tracks are alike, they are moving in mid – tempo rhythms, with a main riff which dominates with a few changes in the evolution of the track.

The guitar’s riffs are quite interesting, although they don’t have many changes, and their performance both in the riffs and in the few solos that exist is good. The bass gives depth and fills the sound very well. The keyboards have the typical sound of melodic, in some times silly, Swedish groups. It wouldn’t bother me if they didn’t exist at all. However they are distinctive and they leave the lead to the guitars. Unfortunately the drums in the entire album are the same. There’s neither change nor variety in their playing style. The vocals are grim screams, give a sense of despair that don’t matches with the music and the way that the vocalist sings is quite monotonous.

The production is very good as you can listen to every instrument and vocals clearly. The lyrics deal with horror stories and death. In general this demo isn’t a bad effort. There are some mentionable riffs and the production is good. The thing that annoyed me was the similarities between the tracks and the monotony in drums and in vocals. I wait their second work.