Release date:01/01/2010

Alt kan Brenne

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    Alt kan brenne04:10
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    Askefast i hælvete03:51
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    I Want to Blow Myself to Hell04:03
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The Review

Attentat is a band from Norway which was formed in 2008 and here they present to us their first work – a demo consisted by 5 tracks of minimal punk/Black. The group shows that they are greatly influenced by Motorhead and Venom but also the 80’s punk sound.

The first two tracks are fast and groovy – rhythmic. The third and forth are Heavy/Thrash, showing the band’s Heavy metal influences. In the final track the group returns to the Motorhead – punk style of sound. The guitars are mainly rhythmic. The bass as you can understand is in the frontline and attributes to their sound the dirt needed although in some parts it covers the guitar. The drums are just doing their job, well played but not anything remarkable. The vocals are grim Black vocals but adjusted in the band’s Heavy/punk sound. The production is dirty and many times I wondered if this is a rehearsal recording. The production didn’t bother me at all as it suits with the sound. The only thing that they could correct is the vocals’ sound which are a little low. The lyrics deal with antichristian hatred and violence all these given in a punker minimal approach and they are in English and Norwegian.

The tracks that I liked most are: Goatfucker and Askefast I hælvete. Generally this is a good demo but not anything different or unique. The tracks can be powerful and what a beer party need but their sound is played 1000 times before. However check out this demo because at least the group shows that they like what they do.