Besatt (Poland) 04/01/2011

Neither introduction nor details needed for this band. Besatt after 20 years of a creative but difficult journey in the Polish underground BLACK METAL, they have created a good name especially during the last decade. Today they are still here, refreshed and stronger to give us more of their unholy preachings. Beldaroh spoke to us about everything. Listen carefully...
1. Hi Beldaroh and thanks for the interview. BESATT is a really old band. Tell me the history of the band, what made you to create it and why you are the only member that have remained from the first line-up.
Beldaroh: Hello! Besatt has been founded in 1991 by Weronis and me (Beldaroh) and its main purpose was to spread satanic message through the music. So far we have recorded seven albums, two MCDs, a few splits and one DVD from Brazil . Our message has remained the same however our line-up has changed significantly throughout all those years - and now it is only me that is left from the first original Besatt line-up.
2. Do you compose the music? The musical style of Besatt hasn't changed during all those years. Is this the only way you want to play? You don't like to experiment at all? How do you get inspired to compose?
Beldaroh: I have decided that we should spread our message and express ourselves through black metal and so while we create music, we keep it deep within black metal frames. We try to do our best and improve with every album we make, we create more technical stuff now, faster but still within black metal genre. I am not interested in experimenting, not with Besatt anyway. My inspiration is Satan and all the deamonology connected with Him. It is truly limitless source!
3. The themes that you deal with are: Satanism and anti-christianity. Are you a Satanist? What kind of Satanism do you follow? What is your opinion about religions in general and how do they affect your life and attitude?
Beldaroh: Yes, I have been a satanist for many, many years now. I've got my own point of view and I am not interested in anybody else's satanic view points! According to me, there are as many types and varieties of satanism, as there are satanists. As it is the religion of freedom! Other religions have their obligations, rules and bans or commandments - and I couldn't care less! All that stuff kills human instincts which we are born with - and I don't see any point in fighting against your own nature - and that is why I am not interested in other fanatic religions!
4. You have been using corpsepaint from the beginning of Besatt. What does it represent for you?
Beldaroh: It is our war paint and symbolizes our never - ending opposition to christianity. It is the unbreakable part of who and what we are and we will never get rid of it!
5. The nsbm scene has many bands and fans from all the world and especially in your country.How do you feel about ns scene and polish bm scene in general? Are you interested in politics?
Beldaroh: To be honest I don't care about NS. I am aware that there are many political bands in Poland , but for me the most important thing is the satanic message and that is what is for me the roots of black metal!
6. What kind of music do you listen to? Give me your top 10.
Beldaroh: OOO, there are so many albums that I adore, but I will try my best and choose my top ten - the sequence is random: Mayhem - De Mysteris Dom Sathanas Kat - 666 Gorgoroth - Antychrist Sacrilegium - Wicher Kreator - Pleasure to Kill Bathory - Blood Fire Death Enthroned - Prophecies of Pagan Fire Limbonic Art - Moon in the Scorpio Thunderbolt - Apocalyptic Doom Besatt - Hail Lucifer
7. Are there any bands (old or new) that you respect for music and/or attitude?
Beldaroh: For me Gorgoroth is such a band, that always, no matter what, sticks musically to its great and enchanting black metal! Moreover, their views remain unchanged - as well as Enthroned. These two bands are my favourite ones!
8. You released Demonicon in March after 3 years from your last work. Why did it take you so long? Are you writing new material right now? When do you plan to release it and how it's going to sound?
Beldaroh: It wasn't anything unusual. Usually we record a new album every two years as it was this time. "Triumph of Antichrist" was recorded in 2007 and "Demonicon" in 2009 - however, the artcover took a bit longer this time. At the present moment we are working on our new album which will follow the path and pattern started on "Demonicon". We are planning to record our 8th album in the autumn 2011.
9. You are a part of the underground scene for years. What's your opinion of the underground scene of nowadays?
Beldaroh: To be honest, in comparison with the 90s the underground nowadays doesn't exist!Once people were sending letters, exchanging cassettes with other bands, xerocopying zines, recording reh tapes and now... internet has made the world a smaller place but at the same tape the relations with bands cooled down . Nowadays you can record an album at home, the metal stage has changed so much, is now so different, so indifferent...
10. Do you know if you have fans in Greece ? I'm not sure if you have ever played live here... How did you find it? Is there a Greek band that you would like to play with?
Beldaroh: Occasionally I receive posts on myspace from people from Greece , but so far unfortunately we haven;t been able to play there. In 2000 we recorded a split with a Greek band named Tragedy Begins... For me Rotting Christ is a great band, once we even made cover of their song "the Sign of evil Existence" : )
11. Tell me about your near future plans about live shows and new material.
Beldaroh: 2011 will be special for us because we will be celebrating 20th anniversary of our existence and because of that 3 CD Box will come out which will contain various bits and pieces from our past that were never officially published before. There will be also four cover songs made by us and a concert from Brazil . In the autumn we want to enter the studio to record the 8th album, besides we are going to tour Brazil in February. In April we are going to Colombia - so as you can see we will be pretty busy next year!