Arist:Blackhorned Saga
Release date:01/12/2011
Label:Drakkar Productions
Limitation:1000 copies

Broken Messiah

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  • 1.
    Broken Messiah03:16
  • 2.
    Przeklęte imię jego01:32
  • 3.
    Wszechmogący jak my03:10
  • 4.
    Zła nowina02:19
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The Review

Blackhorned Saga are from Poland, were formed in 2004 and they consists of four members. Up to now they have released a full length album in 2008 and the Ep “Broken Messiah” of 2010, both releases are self – financed (in December of 2011 the Ep was re-released by Drakkar). Although I hadn’t listened the band’s first album and the fifteen minutes of the Ep may seem very few in order to understand completely what is going on, on the contrary Blackhorned Saga clearly show their aspirations and their abilities. So in “Broken Messiah” we find five tracks during fifteen minutes, of fast and hyper – brutal Death/Black Metal.

The tempos mainly are fast with a few moderate speed passages. The riffs are brutal Death Metal with some Black elements. They are very interesting and they don’t make you bored in any part. The guitars are very good and together with the awesome bass and the brutal drums deliver a very massive and violent sound. The vocals, somewhere between harsh Black and heavy Death Metal vocals, make the atmosphere even more brutal. The production is bassy and dirty, it fits with the music’s style and it doesn’t make the listen difficult at all. The mix is very good as all instruments can be heard while at the same time that massive sound that makes the music more complete and more brutal, is succeeded. The lyrics are written in Polish except from the title track of the Ep which is antichristian and refers to the fall of the false messiah.

This Ep although it is very small concerning the duration, it made me a very good impression. Concerning both the compositions and the production – mix, the band did a very good job and if I consider that their releases are self – financed, they really deserve your attention. The only negative thing in the album is the small duration of the tracks. Generally I liked this release. Those of you who are searching for brutal Death/Black buy it. The rest of you at least listen to it.