Arist:Chaos Dei
Release date:02/10/2015
Limitation:70 copies


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  • 1.
    Followers of Chaos03:13
  • 2.
    Exilium Cordis04:46
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Enthroned in Blood05:43
  • 5.
    Real Corners of the Flesh06:16

The Review

Yes, this is another release from the French underground scene. Chaos Dei consist of two members and consists of two members and a session musician in vocals and they exist since 2012 when their first work was released. Three years later, they return with their second release in EP format which is called “Feuer” and it was released into limited edition (70 copies) in October of 2015. The album contains two instrumental – atmospheric tracks and three new Black Metal ones of overall duration of about twenty seven minutes. Here the band, as they write also into the cd, makes a tribute to Black Metal of the early ’90ies. Indeed the listener will come across a harsh, dark and violent sound which is quite close to the sound of that era, but mainly the sound of the Scandinavian scene.

Firstly, the introduction which opens the album is quite good as with its epic and harsh riff drags the listener into the atmosphere and the spirit of the album from the beginning. Harsh, dark atmospheric and warlike. The album continues with Exilium Cordis a very interesting track, with other times melodic, other times epic medium speed and other times violent, harsh riffs, with quite a lot of changes both regarding their style and their rhythm. The next track Uberlebensinstinkt, has a different approach. Here the band puts out a chaotic, brutal style which places the listener in the middle of a typhoon and spins him into a merciless vortex. Its structure is repetitive but not tedious. The forth track Enthroned in Blood, is melodic and harsh with beautiful tremolo riffs and a quite epic style. Here we will also come across the medium speed, rhythmic riffs that they will remind of Celtic Frost. Finally, the last instrumental track Real Corners of the Flesh is quite epic and melodic too but it does not lack of the chaotic – fast passages and the massive parts too. Generally, the album does not lack of the fast and brutal outburst, while the structure of the tracks is interesting.

The level of the instruments is quite good, they put out that passion and darkness of that era without dropping the level of accuracy and quality. The guitars have harsh sound but all the riffs and generally all of their parts sound clear. They are played with passion while they put out a very vivid way that dark and threatening atmosphere. The bass is heavy and it is clearly audible into every tracks but without covering the rest of the instruments while its lines are simple. The drums are violent and furious with interesting lines which give intensity to the compositions. They are played with accuracy and flawless technic. Finally the vocals are quite special as they are harsh screams despair. They are very expressing and they absolutely fit to the style and the atmosphere of the compositions. The production is dark but clean. The mixture is flawless as it has highlighted the guitars and has found an overall balance which helps a lot to highlight correctly all the aspects of the compositions. The lyrics are written in English and they are not contained into the album.

To sum up, the new work of Chaos Dei is a very good effort. The different approach that they have in every track, makes the album very interesting, while it also shows the variety of the band’s expressing ability. Their different influences have been used very creatively and they achieve to deliver the atmosphere and aesthetics of the early ‘90ies. This album will surely be appreciated by the entire Black Metal audience but especially all those of you who listen to the sound of that specific era, buy it.