Release date:19/04/2012
Label:S.N.D. Production
Limitation:100 copies

Embodiment of Goat Blasphemy/Hail Desecration!

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  • 1.
    Satanic Skullcrusher01:56
  • 2.
    Fucked Ave Maria02:56
  • 3.
    Raise the Inverted Cross01:36
  • 4.
    Sodomizing Wretched Nuns (Infernal Defecation)01:00
  • 5.
    Desecrating Holy Cadaver02:35
  • 6.
    Bastard Fuckin Christ02:25
  • 7.
    Pandemonic Unloly Hordes01:04
  • 8.
    Goat Blasphemy02:49
  • 9.
    Diabolos Death Cult01:30
  • 10.
    Perverted Necrofuck02:32
  • 11.
    Murdering for Satan02:34
  • 12.
    Jesus Vaginal Vomit01:58
  • 13.
    Hellish Cannibalistic Insanity01:15
  • 14.
    Impure Butchery of Angels02:43
  • 15.
    Satanazagthoth Kratornas02:47
  • 16.
    Cannibaal Abhorer02:08
  • 17.
    Beasthrone Goatpenis02:30
  • 18.
    Demonster Diabolic Witchcraft02:02
  • 19.
    Slutorture Impiety02:26
  • 20.
    Evilution Beherit01:43
  • 21.
    Bloodeath Black Witchery02:26
  • 22.
    Morbidevil Bestial Summoning01:26
  • 23.
    Vomitormets Von01:26
  • 24.
    Massacrifice Blasphemy01:52
  • 25.
    Unholycanthropia Archgoat03:09
  • 26.
    666 Warriors Live Crew00:56

The Review

ChristInvertion come from the city of Stavropol of Russia. The band was formed in 2000, consists of three members and has released two full length albums, “Embodiment of Goat Blasphemy” in 2004 and “Hail Desecration” in 2005. In April 2012 S.N.D. Production re-releases their two albums in a compilation limited to 100 copies that it contains twenty six tracks of fifty three minutes of duration. Musically, ChristInvertion play fast, bestial, chaotic Black/Death, wanting to adopt the cult style of Von, while the two albums don’t present any differences concerning the style or the way that the band writes its music.

All the tracks are very small concerning the duration, three minutes at most, with chaotic, primitive riffs, as you understand not technical at all and, apart from some interesting moments, they are quite repetitive. The guitars are much distorted and dirty, the bass too, so much that in some parts you can only listen to noise, while the drums are quite clean. Generally every instrument is played well, without mistakes but with quite monotonous lines, somehow boring. The vocals are distorted, very dirty screams that they make so much noise that they make the sound even dirtier and the listen too difficult. It seems that the production and the mix don’t exist as the sound reminds me of some rehearsal recording of a cult band from the early ‘90ies but without the quality of such recordings. The lyrics are not contained in the compilation and I haven’t understood in what language they are written. By the tracks’ titles alone, I imagine that they are written in English and they don’t have any deep meanings or symbolisms, here the lyrics are straightforward, εδώ οι στίχοι είναι άμεσοι, profane, unholy and antichristian.

Generally ChristInvertion want to give that cult personality to their releases, with sound straightforward, primitive, which sticks to your mind. Surely with these two releases not only they don’t achieve to present all written above successfully but also they don’t motivate our interest for any future release. Apart from the very few good moments, the album doesn’t have anything to offer. Those of you, who listen fanatically to that kind of sound, listen to it. The rest of you prefer something else.