Arist:Corpus Diavolis / Total Satan
Release date:31/10/2011
Label:Hass Weg Productions
Limitation:500 copies

Corpus Diavolis / Total Satan

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  • 1.
    Corpus Diavolis - Slava na Diavola (Слава на Дявoла)04:02
  • 2.
    Corpus Diavolis - Znakat na Zvyara (Знакът на Звяра)04:55
  • 3.
    Corpus Diavolis - La vierge hallucinée04:43
  • 4.
    Corpus Diavolis - Vechen mrak (Вечен мрак)05:29
  • 5.
    Total Satan - La mort04:54
  • 6.
    Total Satan - Le Diable04:44
  • 7.
    Total Satan - Apocalypse04:55
  • 8.
    Total Satan - Hymne à l'enfer05:28
  • 9.
    Total Satan - Total Satan07:20

The Review

I came across the music of Corpus Diavolis by their full length album “Revolucia (2010)” which gave me a good impression. They have also released one Ep and this split since 2008, when they were formed. Total Satan is a new band, created in 2011, but the band’s main composer is Chamo of Gronde (of whom I had done a review and an interview). So I had in mind about what to expect by these two quite new bands from the French underground. Corpus Diavolis in their four tracks, they play that kind of fast, straightforward, brutal, Scandinavian Black Metal that they had presented us in the previous album. Total Satan, in the rest five tracks of the split, also play straightforward Black Metal but with Death Metal influences and many slow passages which reminds a mix of European with American sound.

Corpus Diavolis, concerning the riffs, although they use many ideas that are clichés, they show some interest. They combine disharmonic melodies in mid tempo rhythms with typical Scandinavian storming riffs. All instruments are played very well and especially the guitars and the drums. The vocals are very good harsh, high Black Metal vocals, they put out much passion and intensity. The production is as clean as it should be without becoming plastic and destroying the music. The mix is very good and it highlights the instruments and the compositions.

Total Satan create technically simpler riffs, with many Death Metal touches but interesting. Every instrument is well played without problems but also without anything exceeding expectations. The vocals are mainly harsh typical Black Metal vocals which in some parts become brutal, heavy Death vocals. The production and the mix is the week spot of Total Satan’s tracks. On one hand the production is very dirty and bassy that many times noise is created. On the other hand concerning the mix, many times the drams, especially in the fast parts, cover the rest of the instruments. The lyrics weren’t offered with the cd and if I don’t make a mistake they are written in French but I don’t know what they are about.

In fact this split has nothing new to offer or nothing special. Both bands play that kind of Black Metal they like, with passion, love and in a very qualitative level. All those of you who are searching fast, brutal Black Metal, you will appreciate this split.