Release date:01/11/2010
Label:Forgotten Wisdom Productions


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  • 1.
    Ex Oriente Lux05:34
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    Flowing Life07:35

The Review

After listening this EP by Corvus from Australia many times I still can’t end up with a conclusion for it. So “Corvus” was released in 2010, after the bands 2008 demo, and it contains three tracks of fast Black Metal with various influences that I will mention bellow.

From the first second it is easy to understand that this is a band with many musical abilities. Each instrument is played impeccably and combined with the amazing mix, they put out a dark – magical and very tight sound. The vocals are heavy, very ordinary vocals with no interest. The riffs are warlike, brutal, with strong touches of eerie disharmonic melodies, everything tied together very well. The mix, as I mentioned before, is very good. Every instrument is audible and the sound is very solid and has depth. The fact that the production is so clean didn’t bother me as the compositions are such which would have been ruined with a dirtier production. The lyrics are hymns of worship and invocations in His name.

However the album has so many good elements I can not skip and not mention the objections that make me not to end up with a conclusion. In many parts the melodies of Corvus seemed to me extremely familiar. After the second listen the similarities, depending on the part, with Marduk, Satyricon (“Rebel Extravaganza” era), Emperor and Behemoth (“Satanica” and then) became annoying. Surely every band has been influenced by others but when it happens to such a level, it shows a lack of personality. I believe that is what separates the musicians from the artists. The personality. This album has power, good compositions, very good musicians, good production – mix but in my opinion it lacks of the most important, personal identity.

After all this and many listens I still can’t conclude. Though Corvus show that they have much potential and maybe in the next release they find their own identity. If those mentioned above don’t bother you in “Corvus” you will find good music.