Arist:Cosmic Eclipse
Release date:12/09/2011
Limitation:100 copies

Deneb Algedi

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  • 1.
    The Sense of Suffering05:59
  • 2.
    The Cry of the Galaxies02:59
  • 3.
    Sun's Requiem03:48
  • 4.
    Storm of Ash03:53
  • 5.
    Bullet by an Angel04:25
  • 6.
    Memories from the Deep Sky07:00
  • 7.

The Review

There are moments when I really don’t know what to think while listening to an album. External factors, the mood etc are always important whether you appreciate an album or not, for that reason when I want to write my opinion about a new album, I listen to it many times and different days. However when an album is unacceptable, as many times or as different days you listen to it, it remains the same unacceptable album. Unfortunately as much as I tried, I didn’t find absolutely nothing satisfactory in “Deneb Algedi”, the first full length album of Cosmic Eclipse from Italy which was formed in 2011 and during the same year they released a demo and the album that I mentioned before. So here we find seven compositions lasting for about thirty minutes, of inartistic, mainly mid – tempo Black Metal.

The mid – tempo riffs are too simple, repetitive and uninspired that they don’t have any interest nor anything to offer to the listener. The situation becomes much worse in the faster parts where in fact there are no riffs but disjoint notes. The drums try to save the album but without any result as they have many mistakes and they don’t give the confidence of a “professional” drummer. Apart from some specific parts, the bass can’t be heard at all. For that the very bad production and the luck of mixture is also responsible. From one hand the production doesn’t give any depth to the sound, from the other hand, concerning the mix, the album sound as a recorded rehearsal. The vocals aren’t bad, harsh and slightly shriek Black Metal vocals. The lyrics are written in Italian and in English and they refer to kosmos, to planets and generally to the astral philosophy, so indifferent as the music.

I didn’t like “Deneb Algedi” at all. Many times I’ve wondered: some bands do they listen the music that they have recorded? Well in this case if Cosmic Eclipse listened to the final result of the recording, they liked it and they decided to release it, I really begin to doubt about their music perception. In short, avoid it at all costs.