Crimson Moon (United States) 29/06/2011

After Scorpios Androctonus and Nocturnal Overlord split up, Crimson Moon was divided into two different bands with the same name. Because I was confused a little by that and because I wanted to learn more about what happened and what will happen, I contacted Nocturnal Overlord. Read for the band and his future plans.
1. Hi Nocturnal Overlord and thank you for this interview. Can you give me some information about the band? How was it created?
Nocturnal Overlord: Greetings! CRIMSON MOON was born in 1994 from the ashes of old San Diego death metal band Infested. We've always played a sort of evil yet melodic and occult-inspired black metal with themes of chaos, vampyrism, sorcery, magick, necromancy, etc.
2. I think you are working over some other projects except Crimson Moon. Tell me about them. How you describe the music of Crimson Moon and the other projects?
Nocturnal Overlord: NIBIRU is my own solo project. I like to call it astral black metal. Very dark, atmospheric, and mysterious, and all instrumental tracks. NECROCHAMBER is a newer black metal band I started. This one is very evil, fast, and aggressive. We hope to record the first album later this year. And I also have an alien synth ritual project called TEMPLE OF THE DREAMING SERPENT.
3. From where do you get inspired to write music and lyrics?
Nocturnal Overlord: Usually from our own experiences and thoughts but of course also from books, myths, and history/current times.
4. Do you want to explain me what has happened with Scorpios Androctonus? Are there 2 Crimson Moon bands? What are you going to do about that?
Nocturnal Overlord: I will not comment about this, as it is a waste of time.
5. What kind of music do you listen to?
Nocturnal Overlord: Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Classic Rock, Ambient, Avante Garde, Ritual. Depends on my mood.
6. Are you an Occultist? What kind of magic do you practice? What does "religion" mean for you and how does it influence your life/attitude and music?
Nocturnal Overlord: Religion means nothing to me. Belonging to any kind of group whether it's satanic or christian or whatever is all the same to me. I've always followed my own path, dreams, and experiences. I would consider myself a shaman and an occultist as I have always wanted to learn about the unknown and what normal science can not explain. For me it has always been my nature since I was a child. Let's just say I've read and participated in many rituals including black magic, white magic, sex magic, necromancy, vampyrism, lycanthropy, astral projection, and others.
7. What's your opinion about BLACK METAL scene in the U.S.A.? Is there any band that you respect for music and/or attitude?
Nocturnal Overlord: The black metal scene in the USA has always been strange. There are some good bands, but nothing that really stands out from the European and Scandinavian bands. I think the fans here prefer death metal. And also the younger generations like the new retro-thrash bands, nu-metal, folk/viking metal and metalcore a lot.
8. Are you working on new material this time? Give me some information about it. When do you plan to release it?
Nocturnal Overlord: Well, we've been working on the pre-production for the new full length album for some time now. I started writing the songs for this album in 1997 after I wrote the songs for Under the Serpentine Spell. For me this will be the first official REAL CM album. All the previous CM releases weren't even real albums in my opinion. Vampyric Blood was originally going to be our 3rd demo. Serpentine Spell was a rehearsal tape of songs that we planned to record but never did. And Choice of Spirit was mostly just new re-recordings of some old demo tracks, re-recorded songs from TETVB and UTSS and a couple newer ones. So this new one will be a complete new beast!! Definitely sounds like Crimson Moon. Dark, melodic and atmospheric, but far more technical, faster, and better arranged this time around. And of course we will finally have a real recording instead of recording on a 4 track or 8 track like before.
9. Which countries have you visited for a live performance? Have you ever come to Greece or to Europe? Do you like any Greek band?
Nocturnal Overlord: I have been to Europe myself, but not yet with Crimson Moon. We definitely would like to play in Europe sometime. Also South America. So far we have played only in the USA and Mexico. Greece is one of the countries I would like to visit sometime though. I like alot of bands from Hellas! Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Rotting Christ, Demogorgon, Acherontas, Chaos Baphomet, Legion of Doom, Zemial, Septic Flesh, Naer Mataron, Astarte, Varathron, I'm sure there is others I missed!
10. Tell me your near future plans about live shows and releases.
Nocturnal Overlord: Good things come to those who wait. And things always happen the way they do for a reason. We will not rush and release crap, or play some half ass shows. But soon the time will come for the Crimson Moon to rise again!
11. Thanks for the interview and good luck in everything you do. Keep up the good work. Horns Up!
Nocturnal Overlord: Cheers and hails to you! Perhaps we will cause chaos in Hellas sometime!