Arist:Crowned in Thorns
Release date:03/08/2010


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  • 1.
    I Deny02:59
  • 2.
    Generator of Dead Humans03:12
  • 3.
    My Own Redeemer04:57
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The Review

Storm! Crowned in Thorns comes from the neighboring Italy and was formed in 2009. With their first official release, they offer to us a wellplayed hyperspeedy Black Metal. The biggest influence which i met is Marduk. The guitars play speedy riffs with some slow tempo passages. The bass is very good both in a matter of composition – depth but also in a matter of sound. The drummer attributes the fast rhythms with accuracy and generally he shows that he has much potential. The vocals are typical, grim Black Metal vocals, not something special but in a high level. The production seams to have been worked very carefully. Every instrument can be clearly listened to and all together are tied in a compact powerful result. In general, don’t expect to listen to anything original or innovative. Here there is only wellplayed hyperspeedy extreme Black Metal. Good effort.