Arist:Darkest Grove
Country:United States
Release date:01/01/2006
Label:Forever Plagued Records

Pain and Suffering Shall Be Known

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  • 1.
    Pain and Suffering, Shall Be Known03:44
  • 2.
    (Within My) Drunemeton07:11
  • 3.
    Now in a Ruined State, Will She Ever Cleanse Herself07:19
  • 4.
    Repudiated Ideology, of Lies and Deceit06:42
  • 5.
    Perpetual Failure06:10
  • 6.
    Alone Eternal: Part I02:58
  • 7.
    Visions of the Withering Wood06:15
  • 8.
    The Human Plague09:38
  • 9.
    Sacrifice Against Life Itself05:12
  • 10.
    Wandering in the Limbo of This World: Part II (Lost, Dead, Soul)08:18

The Review

Darkest Grove is a one man band from the U.S.A. Although that they exist in Black Metal since 2000, they have released just one demo in 2002 and one full length album in 2006. This album is called “Pain & Suffering Shall Be Known” and it contains two instrumental intros and six compositions of duration of about one hour. The band plays an atmospheric, mid – paced with fast passages Black Metal. It seams that their sound has been influenced by Paradise Lost and it heavily reminds of the old Greek Black Metal sound.

The riffs are melodic and puts out a dark melancholy and pessimism. The tracks are quite long but without becoming boring or tiring for the listener. The changes of the riffs, of the pace and of the feeling make the tracks quite interesting. The guitars are the strong point of the album. Their sound is very good and they deliver the style and the feeling of the tracks accurately and easily. The bass and drums do their job well but nothing more. The vocals are dark, heavy Black Metal vocals, with a lot of changes concerning the expression and the feeling, something that makes the compositions even more interesting.

About the production, the sound that is produced is quite raw, bassy and very massive. The mix also is very good and combined with the production, the music result is that which fits perfectly to the style of the music. Finally, the lyrics are written in English but the promo I got, it contained neither the lyrics nor the artwork, so I don’t know what they refer to or if they are good.

Darkest Grove, in general, in this album they have made a good effort. The influences I mentioned before, appear clearly from the beginning of the album, but the band has achieved to become creative through its influences and to add its personal identity to the compositions. I think that it is a release that can be listened with pleasure and interest by almost the entire Black Metal audience but also by Metal people in general. Listen to it.