Arist:Darkest Oath
Release date:01/01/1994
Label:Molon Lave Records

Paradise of the Infernal Torment

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  • 1.
    Ceremonial Whisper of the Ancient Goat05:24
  • 2.
    Visions Through My Infernal Dreams04:37

The Review

Here we deal with maybe one of the most underrated bands of the Greek Black Metal scene. A few things are known because of the sort existence of the band but also because of the situation existed back then in the music press. Darkest Οath was an one – man band formed in 1992 by Jim Necrochrist (vocals, bass, drums). Two guitar players, Christos and Giannis, became session musicians just for the recording. Darkest Oath recorded a split demo in 1993 with Invocation (their drummer was a member of Legion of Doom). Also they recorded an EP ”paradise of the infernal torment” in 1994 and a promo tape two years after that… We lost their traces back then. Some articles that i have found refer to a reunion of the band in 2006 but there is no release to confirm that.

This is the second release of the band the only one released by a label. Here you will find two tracks of original Greek Black Metal created in the best possible way (at least for the standards of that time).

The first track begins with a simple riff and with a synth that has taken the sound of a flute, (something that will remind you of the first releases of Kawir). The Black element makes its appearance a little hasty keeping the tempo in fast but not hyperspeedy rhythms. The vocals are the only objection i have as they are a little higher of the rest of the instruments and as a result the sound is not tight in some parts.

The second track ” Visions Through my Infernal Dreams ” is in a more straight forward shape, mid tempo with more “creative” guitars inside the track, they use much keyboards but they are placed correctly so not to remove anything of the roughness of the sound… The vocals in here are in much better level as they have much variety and changes in tone and style…

In conclusion, this is an amazing release by one of the most promising bands that didn’t received the deserved recognition. A must have for those who like the Greek sound.