Dawn Of A Dark Age (Italy) 10/03/2015

Most of the times, behind an interesting band, there are hiding some special personalities. Since having already released two full length albums, they have almost proven that they are talented musicians and they can combine and offer to the listener a lot of different and interesting feelings and images through their music. I contacted Eurynomos, the composer of Dawn Of A Dark Age and willingly he answered to all my questions.
1. Hails Eurynomos. Thanks for the interview. At first do you want to tell me a few things about the band?
Eurynomos: Hails Demon and Orthodox Black Metal, we’re very pleased to talk about our project for your webzine. Dawn Of A Dark Age is a duo composed by me (Vittorio Sabelli ‘Eurynomos’) and the vocalist Buran; for the second album we added the violist/violinist P-Kast. We were born on January 2014 in Agnone, a small town on Molise region’s mountains. We’re totally busy with the ambitious project ‘The Six Elements’, a new kind of saga never seen before in the black metal scene about the Five Elements plus an additional one.
2. Recently you released the second part of The Six Elements. I think that you improved some key elements since your previous release in so short time. Are you satisfied by the final result?
Eurynomos: We’re very satisfied about ‘Water’: the sound is more mature and dark compared with the previous release and the songs more complex and articulated. The debut-album ‘Earth’ was an experiment for what was to be the project as a whole, and it was necessary to clarify the ideas about the potential of our band.
3. The number six is connected with the band as i can understand. What does it represent for you?
Eurynomos: The number six is everywhere! Six albums, each one made of six tracks, all of them lasting 36 minutes per each. Inspired as a concept-project to Stephen King’s 'The Dark Tower', Richard Wagner's 'The Nibelung Ring' and the 'Six Suites for Cello' and 'Brandeburgos Concerts' by J.S. Bach, each of the six discs has a different line-up around the duo, and musically follows a particular pattern and its own distinct path, still connected to the previous disc and to the next one.
4. What inspires you to write music and lyrics? Can you give me some information about the process of writing and the feelings that you want to express?
Eurynomos: Our music and lyrics are inspired at first to the nature and regarding the composition I live in a place that is located 10 minutes from dark woods, and in 20 minutes I can reach the sea or the banks of a stream. As you can imagine it would be a sacrilege not to find inspiration from places like that! The song 'Mouettes Midi sur la Mer Adriatique' was recorded really next to the sea, and if you listen carefully you can hear the seagulls dialogging with saxophone and clarinet. The creative process is never the same, sometimes the song begins with a riff, a more melodic phrase played in a wind or often the lyrics come before the music. The only constant is that once I have taken the first step I insert the drums, and then I begin to assemble the various instruments and the voice of Buran. Finally I add my winds and the strings.
5. The classical instruments that you use add a very unique character to the compositions. Do you want to tell me more about that?
Eurynomos: Dawn Of A Dark Age doesn’t exist to emulate the Scandinavians' scene, but to explore new ways and new sounds about the black metal and mix them up with new elements. I played for 20 years in a Classical Orchestra and in jazz group, and I’m trying to discover new sounds and compositional approaches to insert clarinet, saxophone, viola and violins ... in the next chapters there will be further expansion of organic. The fact to include classical, contemporary, folk and free-jazz and composers such as Bartok, Debussy and Penderecki makes the speech always varied, never predictable and exciting in my way of thinking.
6. Which bands or music styles in general do you think have influenced your musical approach? How would you describe your music?
Eurynomos: Band like Shining, Marduk, Taake and Windir have many interesting elements from which they can start to send us into unknown territories and never predictable or already heard sounds. It’s very difficult to identify our music in a word, maybe 'total music' is the best way to describe the whole project.
7. You have announced that every six months you will release a new element. Isn't it a very short period of time for a band to work and release an album? Don't you think that composing in so short periods will affect the quality of your music?
Eurynomos: In the last year I worked 300 days for this project, and I’m totally absorbed by it. I can record every idea comes out in a moment and work on it. Since I am personally making the whole process to realize each album, from the creative moment to the mastering, I can work for 7-8 hours a day. Then once you have clear ideas the path of the music in the six albums comes out in a natural way, spontaneously and the jazz approach also is very important for this project. The most part of the riffs are registered only once without being touched again or repeated. This makes the actual speech warmer and real.
8. Was the feedback that you received from the press and the fans what you expected? Do you take into account what people say about your music?
Eurynomos: I was surprised by the reaction in the world of metal and underground to our first album ‘Earth’. I know by personal experience that if you propose new ideas and different compositions there are always people not able to see beyond the old-school of black metal. Our project is extreme and uncompromising; if you think to find in our music stuff already heard, you can’t understand 'The Six Elements' project. The fan reaction to our music was amazing, we did not expect to receive a lot of enthusiasm. We are thinking about the possibility to involve our fan in a more direct way, for example sending them directly demos of new songs during the recordings, to let them to be more close to the evolution of our music.
9. You are releasing your albums mainly in digital format and in a limited number of physical one, all by yourself. Is it your choice to release your albums by yourselves or you haven't received any good offer so far?
Eurynomos: Good question! The world is full of black metal record labels, but we decided to self-produce the entire project. Unless some record labels are interested in our global concept without hindering us in any way, we’ll continue self-producing our music. It’s a project that requires enormous efforts for its realization and a record label not willing to believe and promote our project completely, would only hinder our work. Many record labels don’t support the bands they produce, and in this way hinder limit my creativity and the global project!
10. I guess that you haven't played live yet. Do you plan to play live in the future?
Eurynomos: Actually I am very busy working on new stuff for the next album, but of course we want to propose Dawn Of A Dark Age live. Probably when the whole saga will be completed, with a great idea... I just hope to realize it. It will be the pinnacle of the saga and something never seen before!
11. What do you do apart from music?
Eurynomos: Reading, walking in the nature, my family and teaching music.
12. The Italian scene has always had unique and devoted bands. What is your opinion about the Italian Black Metal scene? Are there any bands or musicians that you cooperate with or you are friends with or that you just respect and support?
Eurynomos: The Italian scene is very interesting; there are many bands producing good stuff. Unfortunately our project is unique and it is difficult to split it with other bands, but it can be possible that in the next disc there will be some musician from other band.
13. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Eurynomos: I’m recording new stuff for the third chapter ‘Fire’, that will be release next july, 1st, and working on a new side project called Suici.De.Pression that it will be released next December. We hope to be able to involve more people ready to go beyond the usual styles and standards that invade the scene from twenty years. If you want to support our project, the only way to do it is to follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/dawnofadarkage Thank you again Orthodox Black Metal. V