Country:United States
Release date:05/03/2012
Label: Forever Plagued Records

Enthroned Is the Night

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  • 1.
    Midnight Veil01:53
  • 2.
    Winds of Plague03:11
  • 3.
    Opening the Lunar Bloodgate04:30
  • 4.
    Unclean Spirits04:10
  • 5.
    Into the Twilight Mists03:56
  • 6.
    The Temple of Shadows02:42
  • 7.
    Enthroned Is the Night04:06
  • 8.
    The Arcane Aristocracy04:46
  • 9.
    Black Vengeance of the Ancient Hordes03:45
  • 10.
    City of Millennia05:03
  • 11.

The Review

“Enthroned is the Night” is the new full length album that Demoncy released some time ago. For those who don’t know them, Demoncy is one of the first Black Metal bands from the U.S.A., they started their music journey since 1989 as an one man band, having cooperated with many musicians all these years and until today they have released four demos, four full length albums one split. In this recently released full length album there are eleven tracks of dark, brutal Black Metal, sometimes fast sometimes mid paced tracks and some Death and Thrash elements.

The thing that we expect by Demoncy is the thick and intense darkness that their riffs put out and generally their massive sound. Exactly that thing we also find in “Enthroned is the Night”. The album begins with an ambient intro which spreads darkness and terror. The riffs are heavy, very dark both in the fast both in the slower parts, they don’t have much variety but they are quite interesting so that they can keep the listener’s attention. Every instrument is played very well and what have made me pick Demoncy since their first albums is that in their tracks you won’t notice one single instrument. All of them spread the darkness massively, like a dark mass which evolves slowly swallowing everything in its way. The vocals both in this album are those that we know also by the previous albums. A harsh, dark whisper which makes the feeling of terror even more intense.

The production is heavy, bassy and not very clean, but it helps the atmosphere and the compositions’ feeling become heavier. The mix is also very good, as every instrument can be heard and at the same time the sound remains very massive and brutal. The lyrics are written in English and they deal with darkness, death, shadows etc. The lyrics have quite interest and they add something more to the already thick darkness.

Maybe many years have passed since their last release, nine to be exact, but Demoncy have returned with a very good release in order to remind us how the true, dark, brutal Black Metal should be played. I imagine that Demoncy’s fans have already bought the album. The rest of you, it worth to listen to it as it is a good release.