Release date:01/07/2009
Label: Fallen Warrior

Sur le chemin de notre Terre

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  • 1.
    A leur mémoire06:25
  • 2.
    Contrées lointaines05:45
  • 3.
    Sur le chemin de notre Terre05:11
  • 4.
    Complaintes guerrières03:26

The Review

Désolation from France was formed in 2008 as an one – band and they have released 5 demos and 3 split albums. “Sur le chemin de notre terre” is the fifth demo that was released in cassette format in 2009.

In this demo, Desolation presents 5 tracks of fast – hyperspeed, raw Black Metal influenced by the Norwegian sound. The riffs are fast, long with a few mid – tempo passages which express a melancholic feeling. I couldn’t listen to the bass, so I don’t know if they have worked this part of the album well. The drums come from a drum machine and unfortunately they have a very bad sound, flat and dead. Apart from the sound, there are also many mistakes or carelessness considering the pace together with the guitars. Those mistakes in the programming appear intensively in the first two tracks. In the next three the sound of the drum machine is still bad but fortunately without such mistakes. That difference appears also, both in the compositions and the tracks mixture. Considering the compositions, the first two tracks have a more melancholic feeling whereas the next 3 are more aggressive. It seems like they gathered tracks written in different periods, irrelevant to each other and they put it in the album. The production in the first tracks is awful as the sound is soulless and it can’t be herd clearly. In the next three it is quite better, you can listen to the riffs without having to try to achieve that, the bass still can’t be heard and the drums are lifeless. The vocals are typical Black Metal vocals edited in the studio, raw, monotonous, modest.

In general the result of this album is forced and hasty and the result is that even some good moments are wasted in the total bad result. The tracks that I found quite better are: “Désolation” and “Complaintes Guerrières”. It is a release which I’m not going to listen to again and I wouldn’t suggest to anyone to give money in order to get it.