Release date:15/07/2010

Cold Deliverance

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  • 1.
    Cosmic Revelation08:02
  • 2.
    The Bastard Hive05:20
  • 3.
    Cold Deliverance06:14
  • 4.
    Rejoice in Isolation06:03
  • 5.
    Ode to Jupiter04:27

The Review

Despot is a band from Brazil and this is their third work. Don’t expect to listen the typical Brazilian Black Metal. This album has clear European orientation. The tracks are moving in mid tempo and fast rhythm with some hyper speed parts. All tracks give to the listener a frozen feeling, an intense hatred. A very good job has been done for the riffs. In every track the well worked riffs play with the sentiments of the listener, in other parts they are cold, in other parts they are frozen with a feeling of depression and in other they are epic. There has really been done a very good job in the guitars. The drums and the bass fill and give depth to the sound. The vocals are a little low and unfortunately they are covered by the rest of the instruments. That annoyed me a little. The production is noisy and some times you miss the riffs. The lyrics deal with personal thoughts of the creator about the world, life – death and the people with a more symbolic – poetic approach and with a feeling of nihilism and frustration. Very interesting lyrics which fit perfectly with the emotions caused by the music. Every track is very good with a great job done in the riffs and they all have things to offer to the listener. Best track, in my opinion, is Cold Deliverance. In general this is a very good album and it would be much better if the vocals could be more hearable and those parts where the instruments are mixed would be corrected. Pay attention to this group because it has much to offer. Very good album…