Release date:01/01/2010
Label:War Productions
Limitation:300 copies

Evocation of Ancestral Grandeur

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  • 1.
    Polemos (The Awakening of Tchor!)02:51
  • 2.
    Mysticism of Universe04:40
  • 3. the Centuries Fall06:28

The Review

Dizziness is a Greek band, formed in 2008 and has released a demo and a split. The band plays fast, “in your face” Black Metal influenced by the Norwegian scene. In this demo we meet three tracks, one of which is instrumental, of fast tempo, harsh, with war style and character and small duration. The first track has a basic interesting riff which is going on and evolving during the track, the drums are fast and the bass quite good. The second track has the same philosophy and structure with the first: Stormy, with a few changes and with an interesting riff which evolves throughout the track. There is also a rhythm change at the end of the track of mid – tempo and more epic feeling. The final track is instrumental and although I am bored by instrumental tracks, I wasn’t bored at all by this one. Maybe bored a little in the introduction. The track is mid – tempo with many epic elements and with powerful, fast breaks. The production is a little blurred but it didn’t bother at all. The thing that bothered me was the drums. The drummer gave me the impression that in some parts he was losing the rhythm or he was trying very hard to be in it. The fast and strange way that the tracks end, also annoyed me. Generally this is a good sample of their work has interest and deserves your attention.