Dominus Ira ( Russia) 03/06/2014

Dominus Ira is a band that doesn’t want to say much. They prefer to talk through their music and lyrics. So, after the quite good album that they released at the end of 2013, “Negotium Parambulans In Tenebris”, I spoke to Dmitry, the composer and lyrics’ writer of the band. The directness, the honesty, the spontaneity and the passion of his answers show that always behind an interesting release, there is an interesting personality.
1. Hails Dmitry, thanks for the interview. There are no information about Dominus Ira on the internet or in the cds of yours, so can you give me some information about the band, the members etc?
Dmitry: The past of the band has a value only for me, because this is only my band. However, I live in the present and I see no reason to write "another story of the next band." On CD you can find as much information, as it necessary to attain the right atmosphere. Any information that not related to the Spirit can only obstruct the perception channel. In general, I don’t give a shit about any information about any releases that are dear to me.
2. I think Dominus Ira means master of anger, is that correct? What does this name represent for you and why did you chose that one for your band?
Dmitry: I can’t say I chose the name. Most likely, we accidentally found each other. Name, as well as any other Dominus Ira’s activity is magic, whether composing music / lyrics, recording or trance playing of single riff in rehearsal room or, for example, in the woods. I'm standing for individual perception of Black Metal. Everyone can think by himself, but only a few do it.
3. By the end of 2013 you released your second full length album called “NegotiumParambulansInTenebris”. Do you want to tell me more about this album, about the composing process, the recording process and finally the realization of this release?
Dmitry: Partly, "Negotium Parambulans In Tenebris" can be called a concept album. Without unnecessary occult pathos, but with occult roots that leading to the fruits of individuality. Usually music and lyrics come to me spontaneously, what prevents an efficient work. The album was recorded using the old «BM stereotype" among the nature in an old house, far away from the human scum. But also, something has been written in rehearsal room. I’m pleased with a result.
4. After some months of the release are you satisfied by the final result? Is there anything that, if you had the chance you would make it different?
Dmitry: Believe me, for me it wouldn’t be some kind of "childhood dreams." I'm not a rock star. I’m my own death. And I don't give a fuck even about it.
5. The cover is very impressing. It is like a painting. Who is the artist that created it? Do you want to tell me what it means for you?
Dmitry: The name of the painting is «Insainity Over the God's Revelation». I have lots of interpretation. Some of the ideas are similar to those that were reflected in sound. Alexey is a talented artist and old school BM maniac. On the debut album «Ferocia Animi» also used two of his paintings. The last time we’ve seen each other was about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, now I've lost a contact with him. Also, he designed «Пламень» EP and «Infinite Flame» demo.
6. I have to tell you that I liked your music very much. It is a mixture of a lot of elements, mainly old school. Do you want to tell me how do you get inspired to write music?
Dmitry: As it has been said, music sometimes comes to mind spontaneously. Sometimes it is related to personal transformation. I actually have jazz music education, although, sometimes it interfere in working process, because starting to work a rational analysis of a riff. I try not to steal an idea of the bands I like. But if we talk about musical preferences for a long period of songwriting for the album, it will be, perhaps: Univers Zéro, A. Skryabin , Abigor, Shub-Niggurath (fra) and some others. But I don’t think that musically Dominus Ira similar to these artists.
7. The lyrics are not available in the album, so can you tell me what they are about?
Dmitry: Some parts of the lyrics are present in the booklet. Basically it's about death both physical and symbolic, as well as there are several images experienced personally on the subtle levels of perception that are not related to the death.
8. This is your first release with Eerie Torture. Are you satisfied by their support and promotion that they do for the band?
Dmitry: Label made his job quickly. Hail Worbid!
9. How is the feedback that you have received so far by the fans and the press? Was that something that you expected? Are you satisfied?
Dmitry: o be honest, the reaction is quite expected. Always will be those who like it and who does not like. So what should I be satisfied with? With the opinion of the others? My own and opinion of my brothers-in-arms, who can be really interested in, is absolutely enough for me. Although in any case, any opinion has an influence upon creator.
10. The Russian is a very big scene with a long history in Black Metal, with many important bands. What is your opinion about Russian Black Metal scene? Are you in contact or cooperation with any bands there? Do you support and you would like to suggest me any new bands from there?
Dmitry: Here, like in other countries there are decent, as well as absolute idiots. But first of all I must distinguish Blackdeath and BlazeBirth Hall. What’s about idiots - without thinking it’s moderix. I try not to separate BM geographically. In fact, Russia is a vast territory inhabited by stupid robot-peoples, alcoholics, relatively cheap whores (with some of them you can settle only with a bottle of beer, but their quality is also low) and naturally national minorities. Religious idiocy here sometimes surpasses and naturally it’s elevated to cult. At the same time it is a fount for places of power and a very different nature.
11. I don’t know if you play live. Do you and if not, would you be interested in perform in front of people?
Dmitry: There was one – on metal concert during local metal session in 2005. We’ve played some own things and one Darkthrone’s hit, which is not assigned for concerts, so that can be considered a joke on the very fact of our exit to the stage at that moment. I'm not interested to play live. Although, sometimes I do it with my friends from other bands. Music of Dominus Ira is not fit for live performance.
12. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Dmitry: For now the work on the second issue of fan-zine called Bloodred Visions, which I do with a few colleagues, is coming to the end. It is, perhaps, most relevant and recent news. Considering about Dominus Ira, new material always prevail. The most important is to catch a right quality of time for its full implementation. In any case, I continue to go my own path of suffocating existence. Keep the Black Flame only inside of yourself.