Release date:08/06/2013
Label:Atavism Records
Limitation:150 copies

Cen Atebertas

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    Ils ne passeront pas le gué08:56
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    L'ancienne Race (Hate Forest cover)05:24
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The Review

Dumno is a new, two – member bandfrom France which belongs to the wave that has made its loud appearance these days in the scene of France. I refer to the harsh, frozen Black Metal which brings to the mind of the listener bands of the Slavonic sound. “Cen Atebertas” contains five tracks of overall duration of about twenty five minutes, that the two of which are instrumental tracks, while there is also a cover to “L’ancienne Race” of Hate Forest. The choice of that cover is not incidental. Their sound is harsh, cold and it reminds of Hate Forest.

So, this demo, as it happens to almost in every demo, has its good moments and its drawbacks. Starting by the parts of the album that satisfied me, I have to mention first of all the vocals. The vocals change style, expression and tone depending on the atmosphere that the music creates, so we come across from heavy roars to harsh screams. The guitars are very well played, with accuracy and passion while their sound is quite clean. Also the drums have a good performance concerning both the medium speed and the fast parts. I will finish mentioning the positive points of the album with the production and generally with the sound that comes out. The sound is brutal and primitive and it helps the band set the frozen scenery, while at the same time it is fairly balanced.

On the other hand, the biggest problem of Dumno is the composition. That is that there are few interesting riffs which can catch the listener’s attention as most of them are monotonous and tedious. The tracks’ structure also doesn’t help to that, as the tracks don’t have changes and monotony is ruling the compositions making the tracks tedious. Although the fast lines of the drums are very pleasant and interesting, in the rhythmic and slow parts they are monotonous and they become annoying. The bass is not audible almost at all. The lyrics are written in French and there are not contained in the demo.

In general Dumno with “Cen Atebertas” don’t achieve to gain our attention as their good elements have been buried under the wrong choices and mainly under inexperience. Maybe in some of their following work, they will offer to us something more complete and more mature. The fanatics of that sound listen to it. The rest of you prefer something else.