Release date:23/09/2011
Label:Satanic Propaganda Productions

Book of Satan

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  • 1.
    To Call Him and to Reach Him02:59
  • 2.
    His Might05:08
  • 3.
    His Voice07:25
  • 4.
    He Is the Aim06:53
  • 5.
    To Follow Him Through All Times06:19
  • 6.
    His Ancient Damnation06:57

The Review

Dusk from Hungary is a quite old band in Black Metal. They were created in 1995 and until now they have released three demos and seven full length albums of raw, fast Black Metal. In their most recent album, “Book of Satan” which consists of six tracks, they make a quite big change to their sound.

More specifically, the compositions are minimalistic and they are clearly based in the atmosphere that is created by the keyboards and guitar. The drums and the bass just keep the rhythm. The vocals are somewhere in the middle of a dark chant and of spoken words. The production is dirty and noisy, something that becomes annoying after listening to the first tracks. The mix is quite good highlighting the guitar and certainly the keyboards, leaving the rest of the instruments a little lower. The lyrics are hymns to His Majesty, with heavy personal and experiential elements, which with the ritualistic atmosphere make the experience of the music even more intense.

The album is very dark, minimalistic, touches ambient elements and creates the ritualistic atmosphere that the artist wants to express. From the other hand the repetitive structure of the tracks and the similarity among them, as also the noisy production tired me and during the last tracks they made me bored.

Generally, apart from some parts that the atmosphere can really carry you away, the album doesn’t have much to offer to the listener. Maybe it fits more to those who search a more ritualistic, with ambient elements sound which is absolutely based in the atmosphere. The rest of you skip it.