Epheles (France) 30/12/2011

Epheles is a band that because of his special sound and style, it may cause even opposite views to the listeners. But that shows the quality and the uniqueness of their art. Maybe their music isn’t innovative, but it has that personal identity that if you listen to it, you know that it is them. I contacted the two brothers who are forming Epheles, Nephtys and Malphas in order to give me some information in this small but comprehensive interview.
1. Hail Epheles. Thanks a lot for the interview. Shall we begin with some information about Epheles? How did it begin? What does Epheles mean?
Malphas: I created Epheles in '97. To this instant, I felt emotions that I had to externalize. This is therefore through the music, that I was able to liberate myself. Epheles is a creature that provokes nightmares, she takes its origins with the former Eoliens.
2. Do you want to give me some information about your latest album “Je Suis Autrefois”? What comments did you get by international press and fans?
Malphas: The some returns that I was able to see are rather positive. This is a real satisfaction for me. Now I am not at the research of the last chronicle or other journalistic critics!
3. I think this is your first album with Drakkar. How did you get to agree with them and are you satisfied by the promotion and general support to Epheles?
Malphas: Concerning the contract with Apparitia Recordings, it is Malphas that could reply you. He takes care of the communication of the band. It is he who is in contacts with Noktu for a few years. Concerning the promo, I am really satisfied by the work of the label. They perfectly respected their engagements, and they were at the listens of our wishes. This is a very good thing.
4. Your music isn’t unique or innovative but has something very special. For me that special thing is the atmosphere of darkness and fear you create so well. How do you get inspired to write music? Which bands have influenced you?
Malphas: I certainly will disappoint you but I do not know myself. At the creation of a piece, I compose essentially with my guitar, I know, I see, I hear all that go this to graft around the guitars. This is a very difficult moment for me, because there is as a volcano in merger in my head. Which is very painful for it is necessary to be able to manage all that without error. Concerning my influences, I think that the first Emperor marked me, with its very rich emotions.
5. If I don’t make a mistake your lyrics are about death, eternity, lost love, melancholy… Do you want to give more details about them?
Malphas: To the era where Malphas officiated in the group, it is he who wrote essentially the texts. His favorite subjects, the death, the religious inquiry, the nature. Since that it left the band, it is me who writes the texts. And my favorite themes without being a fine feather are the Nature and the human spirit!
6. What is your opinion about the French Black Metal scene? Are you in contact or cooperation with any band? Is there any band you want to suggest?
Malphas: The BM must remain underground, everywhere in the world. But with all these current clowns that make faces and move themselves as feeble, the B.M for me as for living it more than just hear it and its insight is dead since well a long time. Personally, I do not feel concerned about this scene anymore. The groups that I listen again currently are the first Emperor, Immortal, Summoning, and of others more underground, but as a whole that of the old one.
7. What is your opinion about religion?
Malphas: Personally I myself crazy of the religions. There was a time when I was younger and more irritated I had my satanic period, demons, gory... etc. Today, only subjects as the nature, the humans’ spirit interests me.
8. I think that you don’t play live. Is that your decision or it is difficult to find session members who meet your expectations?
Malphas: Actually I do not concert, simply because I don’t feel the need. I leave that to the others.
9. Have you begun to work on new material? Tell me about that. When do you have in mind to release new material?
Malphas: Regarding to a new album at the moment, I do not know anything yet. I have some material which leads to here and there but nothing concrete. I do not have any obligation with that.
10. Tell me about your near future plans and if you want to add anything for conclusion.
Malphas: At the moment I have no visible project. I do not know even what I will do and where I will be after this interview! Otherwise I thank you to have appreciated the album and wish you the best.