Release date:01/09/2012
Label:Hass Weg Productions
Limitation:1000 copies


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  • 1.
  • 2.
    Lightless Skies05:03
  • 3.
    When Time Is Undone06:40
  • 4.
    The First Rebellion07:33
  • 5.
    Thirsty as One Can Be05:17
  • 6.
    Victa Iacet Virtus09:16

The Review

The “Unshaken” album comes from the Greek underground and by a band with much experience in Black Metal, Eschaton. Eschaton, after some changes in their formation, they consist of two members, they were formed in 2001 and apart from “Unshaken”, they have released two demos, two split albums, one EP and one more full length album. This album contains six tracks which combine the melodic, fast, Scandinavian sound with the old Greek one while the influences from the classic Heavy Metal sound are evident.

Concerning the sound, the two schools, the Scandinavian and the Greek, co-exist both inside the riffing as also in the emotions that they create. Their pace mainly is fast and medium with a few slower passages, depending on the part they are dark, melancholic, full of hatred, epic, while the nice solos and the awesome Maiden-like double riffing impress the listener. Although the riffs are quite interesting, sometimes they are repeated inside the track and although the structure of the tracks is very good so that it isn’t noticed, in one or two tracks the repetition becomes wearing. The guitars are clean, played with passion, they deliver the riffs very well and accurately. The bass is audible, it has some quite simple lines but it fills the sound very well. What is special in the album is the drums which have very interesting lines and they add power and passion to the music. The vocals are harsh Black Metal vocals, passionate, expressive but not anything special.

Another positive point of the album and quite improved since the first album is the production and the mix. Concerning the production, the sound is clean and bassy but without losing its depth and power and it fits well to the compositions. The mix is very good as every instrument is at the appropriate volume so as to be audible and clean and the sound stays massive. The lyrics are written in English, with a quite personal style and they talk about subjects such as life, death, wisdom.

Comparing this with their older album, I think that Eschaton have progressed a lot. They have achieved to find the balance between their influences and to offer a sound that although it comes from old school elements, to be so fresh. I am not telling you that in this album you will find something unique or something that you haven’t heard before. What I’m saying is that Eschaton have done a very good job which will surely satisfy you. Buy it, it worth your attention.