Release date:01/05/2015

Os Homens e As Estrelas

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    Perante as Estrelas09:28
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    Silentium Universi04:56

The Review

When a band consists of only one member, it has the ability to compose and to record whenever it wants without being limited. So, Escuro, the one man band from Brazil, in January of 2015 he released his first EP work and after a few months, more specifically in May of 2015, he returns with his second EP release. Here I present his second EP which consists of four tracks, three Black Metal compositions and an atmospheric, ambient one. As you may remember, his previous release has created various mixed feelings to me as the immaturity and inexperience of the band was obvious. However, he had shown since that one already that there are possibilities for improvement. Indeed, in this release since the start the signs of improvement and evolution of the band are obvious both regarding the production, something that was a big problem in the previous album, but also regarding the composition and the expression of the band through music.

The style of the band has been the same in this one too, namely harsh, heavy, primitive Black Metal following the steps of the first days of the movement. The riffs mainly are rhythmic or fast. Into the rhythmic parts, the listener will notice the punk influences of the band while they create an interesting mixture. The fast riffs are full of hatred and darkness, quite simple regarding their structure and with absolute straightforward style. Also there are various slow passages which create a darker atmosphere into the compositions while we notice quite a lot of references to the depressive Black Metal too, as also to the traditional Heavy. Whatever is going on with the riffs, exactly the same is going on also with the way that the compositions are structured. Their structure is simple, direct and straightforward, but in no case is it boring or monotonous. Escuro here have managed to offer a big variety into quite long tracks, both regarding the riffing and the style and the atmosphere while those changes are done in a very smooth way.

As I mentioned also in the beginning, here the band has improved its sound a lot. The production is much better from the previous release while also there has been done better work for the mixture too. The production is still harsh and primitive but without making the sound dirty or making the listen difficult. The mixture has maintained the style of a live recording, but it succeeds to achieve a balance that the sound needs. The instruments deliver the compositions flawlessly, without mistakes (apart from one part) and with much passion. The guitars have a violent and harsh sound, they have accuracy and passion in their style of playing, while they create the atmosphere easily and very vividly. The bass is heavy and dirty but it is clearly audible and it fills the sound flawlessly. The drums have simple lines, they just follow the rest of the instruments without making anything more. The vocals are quite expressing, harsh Black Metal screams, with quite a lot of changes in the way that they express the fillings into the various parts of the compositions. Finally, the lyrics in this album too are written in Brazilian and they are contained into the cd that I received.

Escuro have managed into a few months to have a big improvement since their previous release something which shows their will to work and create music. Surely this album has its problems too, but the improvement is so big that we don’t have to mention them. If they continue to work in the same way, surely the improvement will be visible from the one release to the next. The fans of the old school, traditional Black Metal sound listen to it. The rest of you don’t lose anything if you give them a chance.