Evil Eruption (France) 30/07/2014

Those of you who haven’t listened yet the awesome, first full length album of Evil Eruption, you still can’t understand the size of the eruption that happened. Evil Eruption are, if not one of the best, one of the most mature and talented bands of the French underground. This band does not reveal the identities of the musician because it wants to make the overall project be more of an idea than a band. So they rarely give interviews. This one that follows is one of those few moments that Evil Eruption speaks with a mean other than their music.
1. Hails Evil Eruption. After the impressing “True Evil Never Dies”, I wanted very much to talk with you, so I appreciate that you accepted to answer my questions. First of all in the cd there is no information about the members. Do you want to tell me something about your members? Why you prefer not to make your identity known, although in the past releases you did?
Evil Eruption: Hail to you and thank you for your interest. Who we are is not something important, this doesn’t concern the whole world in any ways. A lot of musicians want to be admired invidually as artists and search recognition. We have been but we are no longer in this quest.
2. Evil Eruption was born in 1996, is that correct? Why you re-activated the band in 2004 after eight years? What does Evil Eruption means to you and why you didn’t release anything back in the ‘90ies?
Evil Eruption: Year of disgrace 1996, yes. The early years were like a path written for us. We have been condemned to accomplish our destinies separately. In the beginning there was the inner chaos. An eruption doesn’t come in one day... We were not able to record anything professionally. Evil Eruption is the explosion of what we kept in our own deep. And in these times, music was definitely not our priority.
3. In my review I wrote that “True Evil Never Dies” is one of the best albums of 2014. I truly believe that it is. How long did it take you to write and record it? Are you satisfied by the result?
Evil Eruption: The vision of “best” is something really subjective. But I am glad to know that my evil is in your mind. This album is like “κύκνειον ᾆσμα” (or “Le chant du cygne” in french). Spirit and death of a past channeled for a new reborn. 18 years of evil, 3 years of conception, 9 days in studio. We recorded at the amazing Q-Sound Studio placed in a wonderful scenery and this experience will stay unforgettable in many ways. You can barely imagine the tons of work done by our engineer. He was the right person at the right moment. It’ been written...
4. Following the question above, I didn’t like much the sound of the drums. What do you think about that?
Evil Eruption: I don’t really understand why. Probably because the snare is really dry and raw. It was a chox designed to give an infernal and hammering tone. We assume this choice even if it’s not a delight for anyone ears.
5. Your music is violent but you don’t limit yourself to that. There are a lot of other elements too all combined together flawlessly. Do you want to tell me how do you get inspired to write music? Is it a team job or one member is responsible for the music?
Evil Eruption: The inspiration come from inside. For True Evil Never Dies, it’s from the past for most titles. You don’t do this kind of sounds if you don’t have something boiling under the surface. Learning how to release pressure is one of the most important parts of our musical conception. The evil team is one and many, we have no name, no face.
6. Your lyrics are hymns to Satan. Are you Satanists? What do you think about the different paths and aspects “Satan” has taken during the years? What are your personal beliefs about religion and society?
Evil Eruption: We believe in a dimension where Satan lives while his existence as the devil is not required. It’s very personal like all the manifestations of Satan in the last decades and even millenniums behave to their own autors. If we are satanists? Probably not in the usual way... But isn’t the greatest way to be satanist?
7. Going back to the new album, have you received any feedback for the album by the fans or the press? How was it? Are you satisfied or did you expect anything different?
Evil Eruption: We received good and bad feedbacks from different parts of the globe. It’s was interesting to see through the vision of the others about our creation. We didn’t expect something particular, our music is now launched to an entire world, we have done what we had to.
8. This is your first release that you collaborated with Hass Weg. Are you satisfied by their support and promotion to the band?
Evil Eruption: The collaboration with Hass Weg is a part of the process. Without this, we couldn’t release anything. The support, the patience, the integrity and the comprehension of our mindset by the label is stunning.
9. Have you begun composing material for your next release? Would you like to give me some information about the material you plan to release after “True Evil Never Dies”. It has to be, at least at the same level of quality as this one. What do you think about that?
Evil Eruption: We are just entering the creation process. We have planned all our futures releases with precision beyond this album and the next one. We already known what we want for the next chapter. We still don’t know how it will sound exactly but it will be different... Nothing is sealed except the past. We have to rise deeper. Always.
10. I guess that you don’t and don’t want to play live. Is that correct? Do you play live and if no, is that your attitude towards Black Metal?
Evil Eruption: Evil Eruption play live but we don’t run for promotion and shows at any cost. Everything happen at right if the time is come. Our attitude toward the Black Metal is that we want to spread the evil by this mean.
11. The French Black Metal scene is huge and getting bigger day by day. What is your opinion about the scene? Is there much difference between the attitudes of the time when you formed the band and nowadays? Do you think that Black Metal scene of France has evolved or decayed during the years?
Evil Eruption: The French scene evolved a lot yes. Some pioneers like “Blut Aus Nord” or “Merrimack” are always here and they are for a good reason: they sound like no one else. Some bands like “Deathspell Omega” and “Spektr” have emerged lately and are unique on the international scene. There are a lot of great bands in the underground too. The nordic inspiration is not very far in many case but the heritage and history of France about occult, sorcery and the devil worshipping is rich. The most talented ones perpetuate this legacy today.
12. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Evil Eruption: I would like to express our great feelings about the Greek mythology, it was always inspirational since our childhood. Our first album “True Evil Never Dies” is the synthesis of a dead past. In the future, we have to explore another way of evil, another kind of eruption. It was a long and painful path to arrive here, a volcano in the abyss of nowhere.. It was just a milestone. Because by the way, this volcano is actually more active than ever.