Arist:Evil Eruption
Release date:25/02/2014
Label:Hass Weg Productions

True Evil Never Dies

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  • 1.
    True Evil Never Dies01:51
  • 2.
    Whorty of Satan06:18
  • 3.
    The Catalyst04:02
  • 4.
    Secret Order06:39
  • 5.
    Ground of Silence06:30
  • 6.
  • 7.
    Ties That Bind06:30
  • 8.
    Satan Give Me Strength04:20
  • 9.
    Innocent but Evil07:08

The Review

Evil Eruption is a band which began its journey since 1996, in 1999 split up without having released anything. In 2004 they decide to re-form the band and they are active until today while they have released two demos and one split. When the awesome introduction of True Evil Never Dies, their first full length album which was released in March of 2014, started, it made me look again the cover. Yes, it doesn’t say King Diamond, but the introduction is like it was taken from one of the darkest and most evil days of King himself. The two minutes of the introduction was enough in order to make my curiosity reach a very high level.

Already by the first track of the album, you understand that you are going to listen to fast, European Black Metal with dark, very commanding atmosphere, mid paced passages full of power and hyper speed outbursts. The riffs mainly are fast tremolo ones, while several times we come across to also fast, dark, dirty riffs and a few Thrashy ones. They are very interesting and they deliver the feelings and the atmosphere very easily and schematically. The good structure and the talent of the band regarding composing the tracks, have made them very interesting in an overall aspect, changing from warlike, destructive fast Black Metal to solid, atmospheric and fast Thrashy.

The guitars are the dominant instrument delivering every note with absolute accuracy but at the same time with passion and energy. The bass is audible, but you have to make an effort to distinguish its lines that they are quite technical and they fill the sound very well. The vocals in the bigger part of the album are harsh Black Metal vocals which are changed though depending on the atmosphere and the feeling of each moment. With their expressiveness and their passion, they make the compositions even more impressing and interesting. So we reached the element of the album that I didn’t like and that is the sound of the drums. Their lines are very interesting with stormy outbursts, beautiful turnings and powerful passages. On the other hand though the cymbals have that piercing, monotonous and tedious sound while the drums are level without any depth. For all this maybe the mixture is responsible that it has brought the drums to the foreground leaving them completely exposed as, apart from the above, the few mistakes that exist can be perceived more easily. The production is good putting out a warm and bass sound which fits to the style of the compositions. The lyrics are written in English, they are contained in the cd and they are hymns and callings to Satan.

The times that I have said that an album could be a classic, are very few. True Evil Never Dies is not one of the above cases. However the work that the band has done in this album is impressing and anyone can understand that here we have one of the best releases of 2014. If you haven’t understood until now by the description, the album is so good that every Black Metal fan must listen to it. Buy it.