Evol (Italy) 24/11/2019

They say that a fan will always be disappointed when he meets the artist. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Giordano Bruno Folin and me. I admired his work with Evol and I was always intrigued but the level of sophistication that he added to Evol, both musically and lyrically. So, I am really glad, firstly because he accepted to talk to me and secondly because I see that he is still walking the path of searching for his Truth, wiser and more mature. Thanks a lot and I wish we stay in touch.
1. Hails Giordano Bruno. I really appreciate that you accepted this interview, not only because I respect all the work you have done with Evol but also because I find you a very interesting person. So, firstly, would you like to talk to me about your stage/art nickname. Why did you choose Giordano Bruno? How the writings or the life of Giordano Bruno have influenced your way of thinking?
Giordano Bruno Folin: Hail to you, and thanks for your words and interest. Giordano Bruno Folin is my real name, my parents chose it as an homage to the works and thoughts of the 16th century philosopher. For my part, I admire his works, not only because he was an heretic. In simple words, he was able to open his mind in order to follow Truth, avoiding being prisoner of traditions and cultural pressures, so strong and perilous around him at that time. He followed his personal path to knowledge till the extreme consequences, becoming a symbol for all free thinkers.
2. I am aware that you were writing books, however I haven’t read any of them. How many have you published and are you in the writing process at the moment?
Giordano Bruno Folin: I have never published any books. I wrote plenty of novels, creating a fantastic world, populated by symbolic characters. I have them all with me, keeping them safe. Perhaps one day, something will flee outside, probably when I will not be here anymore.
3. Would you like to give me some information about your books and the concepts that you deal with in them? Where can someone find your books and are they translated in other languages?
Giordano Bruno Folin: As I said before, no books of mine were ever published. The most part my novels, were transposed into lyrics in the album Portraits, set in a fantastic world, and every character of the songs has a personal tale in which I described his rising, so Il Chierico Grigio (Grey Cleric), il Negromante and his tower (the Necromancer), il Principe di Anghisha (Prince of Anghisha), Harlin and his arrival in the Ancient Abbey. All this material were to be published in a book in a special edition of Portraits but that has never happened. Besides these novels, when I feel the need, I write down my personal thoughts, reflections and dreams. Who knows, someday perhaps someone will be able to give them a proper form.
4. Are you still making music and if yes, could you describe to me the style that you write nowadays and if you will release it?
Giordano Bruno Folin: After the end of EVOL activity, during the last 20 years, I composed some songs on my own, quite in continuity with the synth songs released in the album Portraits. Contents are more bitter and hopeless though, according to my personal path towards Truth. Hope is fading as far as I march on. Those songs, as long as my novels, are safe with me in here. Only one was broadcasted just once by a Russian radio in the program called Galleon Phantom in November 2011, the title of the song is La Strada verso Casa, a very nostalgic and sad tune. Apart from music and writing, I use also photography in order to release my thoughts and feelings. Some of them were used for other bands CDS, such as in the album Atropos of Eudaimonia by the Greek act Dark Awake, or in Under the Red Wolfish Moon by the Ukrainian band Heather Wasteland, or recently in the front cover of EVOL’s demos reprint by the Brazilian label Obskure Chaos. In Instagram, you can see my square shots.
5. Do you miss the days when Evol were active? Composing music with others, sharing your ideas, writing lyrics or playing live concerts? Why did Evol split?
Giordano Bruno Folin: Well, yes. I miss those mythical old times. I miss youth, the fire that was in my soul, hope and strength. I miss past times in general… I am obviously still in contact with the other members of EVOL… As you may know, there are a lot of things that need my attention, new releases, interviews, people to answer to. I still share my ideas, as I am doing right now with your readers. But silence is my actual home, and the path ahead of me becomes shorter and shorter.
6. Do you talk with the other main composer of Evol, Samael von Martin? I read somewhere that there was a conflict between the two of you and that is why Evol split up. Would you like to comment on this?
Giordano Bruno Folin: I am constantly in contact with Samael von Martin. We have to follow all the new releases of EVOL (reprints), and merchandise. In many occasions, I already tried to explain the reasons why EVOL ended. There was no conflict between us, never was. With Portraits album, EVOL experience expired, the circular path has been closed. There was nothing more to say, everything that had to be told, was told. At the time, I admit that Samael von Martin and Demian de Saba were not so happy about my decision, but they had to go on with it. I am so glad they continued their personal musical career, giving birth to new great bands such as Death Dies, Negatron, Mad Agony and many others… I still think this was the best way to act. EVOL legacy had to be preserved in Its circular perfection.
7. Do you contact any of the other members of the band, Suspiria for example?
Giordano Bruno Folin: Suspiria abandoned completely the musical scene. But I am still in contact with her.
8. You have mentioned before that you are very fond of Argento’s films and I have to admit that the mysterious, dark, agonizing atmosphere of your Evol albums is quite close to the atmosphere Argento’s films create. What other films or directors you like? Is cinematography a form of art that you like?
Giordano Bruno Folin: I have a real passion for Cinema in general. It is surely a very complex form of Art, because in a movie there is a convergence of different artistic pulses, like painting, sculpture, photography, music, acting, writing. Only a special and magic mix is able to create a masterpiece. Every great movie is an epiphany of Art. In EVOL we all are very fond of first Argento’s works, like Profondo Rosso, Suspiria, Phenomena, Tenebre, Inferno… Other horror masters that I like are Lucio Fulci, Joe D’Amato, George A. Romero, Mario Bava, David Cronenberg, David Lynch, F.W. Murnau… This list would be endless, so I stop here…
9. Another obvious influence of your compositions is Goblin. Do you want to tell me more about this and are there any other musician or music style that has influenced you as a musician?
Giordano Bruno Folin: In EVOL we had many different musical influences, and this made our music so rich and unique… We are eclectic listeners. Apart from Goblin, at that time, we were fond of classical, medieval and renaissance music, Celtic artists such as Loreena McKennitt, and old metal classics like Celtic Frost, Venom, Black Sabbath, Bulldozer.
10. What do you think about Metal music and especially of Black Metal music? What do you think about its journey through time?
Giordano Bruno Folin: I still prefer the Black Metal of the origins. Nowadays I feel a little lost in following the scene, more than ever corrupted by political struggles that nothing have to do with the deep and radical meanings we shared in the past. So, I continue listening to great masterpieces such as Into the Pentagram and Blood Rituals by Samael, Passage to Arcturo and Thy Mighty Contract by Rotting Christ, Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz, Ugra Karma and Suomi Finland Perkele by Impaled Nazarene, Under the Moonspell by Moonspell, and many others from those glorious times. Nowadays, I am glad to see that there are some survivors, like the great Summoning, and some very interesting bands like Deathspell Omega…
11. How do you approach the idea of religion? As I have understood, you see all religious writings as source of philosophical ideas. But are they just that? My opinion is that the writings of every religion are a way that the higher level of society to manipulate the masses and keep them under control. What is your opinion?
Giordano Bruno Folin: Religion is a very complex argument. From a certain point of view, this is the reflection of the human curiosity towards the origin and aim of life. But, I have to say that this is a great illusion that human being uses in order to flee the desperate destiny we all share, our finitude. So, lights and shadows in this… I am very intrigued in studying different cultures and traditions, and every form of religion is a great source of inspiration, but I must criticize all the false idols people worship.
12. I would like to ask you now about your philosophical views and ideas. I have read in every interview you have given, that you mention the WHOLE. Could you please explain to me what does it mean for you?
Giordano Bruno Folin: My philosophical view has always been in progress, as it is my personal path to knowledge. My aim is Truth, and Truth is the WHOLE. We are all shards of It and in every shard there is the WHOLE. The movement inside this horizon is possible by two extreme Principles of Existence, that we can name LOVE and EVOL. You know, these are just words, simple names I use to express something that could not be expressed by human words, so everything I say will always be not sufficient, imprecise. Unfortunately, human beings are limited and desperate because they are able to catch a glimpse of Truth but never reach It. Truth appears in history through Art. We see through Art as through a hole directly into the Realm of Truth… and then we die miserably. I still go on in my path…
13. Could you also tell me more about a term that you use, “Noble Soul”? How can someone become a Noble Soul? When someone is a Noble Soul is aware of this state?
Giordano Bruno Folin: According to my view, humans are different, but I can identify somebody that is able to shine of their own, the Noble Souls, the ones which are able to feel Truth and to make human history going. A Noble Soul is so since its origin, and cannot change. But a Noble Soul can be not aware of its state. I am still working on a way to find the Noble Souls scattered in Time and Place.
14. You mention in an old interview that there are Noble Souls coming both from darkness and light and that they fight for what they represent. However, I can’t understand why an individual who is searching for the objective truth fight with another individual who is searching for the same objective truth? Isn’t that what christians, muslims etc do to each other?
Giordano Bruno Folin: Yes. Well, every being is the expression of the aforementioned Principles of Existence, so there are Souls linked to Light and Souls linked to Darkness… There are middle Souls too, linked directly to the WHOLE, the most lonely ones. History is moved by the struggle. Human struggles participates in this movement. In all this, human souls are just like pawns. I have to see things from a higher perspective, so religious wars are from my point of view, vulgar.
15. Are you generally interested in philosophy? Have you ever studied any the Greek philosopher or philosophical school of ancient Greece?
Giordano Bruno Folin: I am graduated in Philosophy, so yes, I studied them all. Ancient and present philosophies. Philosophical studies gave me the instruments in order to process my ideas and experiences. Those are the tools I use in every single moment of my life.
16. Let’s return to Evol. Is there any chance for a reunion in the future?
Giordano Bruno Folin: EVOL is a perfect experience. I will never risk to ruin Its legacy. I hope this is clear, to everybody. People continue asking me this question, because I know they miss EVOL. Well, that sense of lost, of missing, is what denotes our lives, that is Nostalgia, the way of going back home. This is precious, but the way home is in front of us, not on our backs. We have to march on, keeping with us the glory of our past, not trying to imitate it.
17. Thank you for the interview. Do you want to say anything for a conclusion?
Giordano Bruno Folin: I thank you very much for your patience and attention. Everything that I have written is not complete, nor precise and for this I make amend. Words are never enough. A life is not enough.