Fjorsvartnir (Denmark) 10/10/2012

Fjorsvartnir came from nowhere with their awesome first full length album, ‘Legions of the North’, to remind that Denmark may have a small scene but a very good one. I talked with Fjorgynn, the only member of the band, and he told me everything concerning Fjorsvartnir. Meet them.
1. Hello Fjorgynn. Firstly, I have to congratulate you for ‘Legions of the North’ which is an awesome album. I wish you to continue even with even better releases. Do you want to tell me a few things about Fjorsvartnir and what is that you want to express through the band?
Fjorgynn: Thanks a lot! And I will do my best, to make the next one even better! Though that will be a hard job to do! It’s simple; I just want to express how I feel and mean melodic Black Metal should sound like, and make you feel and think, after listening to the album.
2. Do you want to tell me what does “Fjorsvartnir“ mean and how did you decide that as the name of the band?
Fjorgynn: Fjorsvartnir is another name for Rimfaxe. The black horse that runs over the sky, is carrying the moon in its chariot, driven by the giant(in Danish ‘jætte) woman named Nat.
3. You have participated and you still participate in some other bands. Would you like to give me some information about them? How important the experience you gained in those bands are concerning your music evolution and maturation?
Fjorgynn: Yeah I play a bit here and there..! Blodarv – Drums I just got asked to play with them as a live drummer / session musician last year. Make a change… Kill yourself. There I play the lead guitar for the upcoming tour this December 2012. Archain – Lead guitar / Vocal. That is my old school death metal band. I’ve also played in bands such as Heidra (live drums) and Vardlokkur (guitar) in the past. I gain more and good live experience from playing with those bands, and they are all in general just cool to hang out with and good old friends.
4. Unfortunately I haven’t listened to the demo of 2010. The music in the last album is loyal to the classic Black Metal. Which, do you think, are your music influences and how would you describe the music of Fjorsvartnir?
Fjorgynn: Hehe no one has, only very few friends, and when it was out on myspace years ago. My music influences comes from everywhere. What I hear and what I see around me. But usually people says that the music of Fjorsvartnir reminds them of old Bathory, Dissection and of course old Emperor. I cannot argue with that.
5. How do you get inspired to write music and lyrics? Describe me the way that you create a track.
Fjorgynn: Often there goes several months between writing new material. I’m really picky about the songs I create, so often when I’ve made 3-4 new songs I delete them after hearing them again, some weeks after. So when I make new stuff it’s just when I feel ‘today is the day!’, and hope I will accept them again the weeks or months after. When creating them I record guitar riff 1, then jam till I find a cool idea for riff 2, and keeps on going that way. Then I program the basis drums and keyboards. Lyrics..hrm. I hate lyrics, it’s the most boring part of everything! Just need them to get over with.
6. Your lyrics are written both in English and in Danish. In the first English track you describe an epic battle and in the other you express your hate and inferiority. Do you want to tell me the themes of the rest of the tracks?
Fjorgynn: Sure. ‘Levende Begravet’ means ‘Buried Alive’. It’s a story told by another (guess me?). The person buried gets the choice between live and death, while he’s laying down below ½ dead and ½ alive. ‘Nat og Dag’ is a lot more complicated to describe. It’s about a lot of names/figures in the northern mythology. It describes who they are, and where they came from. I can paste the lyrics here in the bottom, and then try to copy it to google translate or something. It works sometimes! But there’s so many names in Danish only, so it’s hard to translate it. Have no idea what some of them are named in English.
7. In ‘Legions of the North’ you play all instruments and without being an expert, it seams that you know to play well all instruments. Which is the first instrument that you learnt and how did you decide to deal also with other instruments?
Fjorgynn: I started with drums when I was 8. Then I figured out I would be cool to learn how to create my own music, so I took up the guitar when I was 13, and started learning all the old metallica, slayer, pantera etc. What else to do when you are at school? Haha... And yea, the bass just came naturally from the guitar. Keyboard I really suck at, so that’s almost all programmed.
8. How were the reaction and the comments of the people and the press for your album, until now? Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied by the album or there are things you would like to have done differently?
Fjorgynn: So far it has actually been really good, both comments and reviews from around the world! Some stupid hardcore fans didn’t like it. But that makes sense. Hardcore will never be metal, so therefore they don’t understand real metal. Just my opinion. I’m pretty much satisfied. A few parts could had come out more clear in the mixing process, but what the hell. I know it’s there!
9. Have you started composing new material? About when do you plan to have a new album ready?
Fjorgynn: Yes, I have about 3 new songs almost ready, with a total of 27 minutes. So I’m ½ done with next one. As there’s no deadline, it could be next year, or even 2014 if I’m not satisfied with the result yet.
10. How was the cooperation with Grom Records materialized? Are you satisfied by their support and respect they show to the band?
Fjorgynn: Sure! Nothing to complain about with them yet! Been a cool cooperation so far.
11. You come from Denmark, a scene not so well known. Do you want to tell me how the underground scene there is? Are you in contact with other bands? Are there any new bands that you support and you would like to suggest me?
Fjorgynn: Yeah our scene is really well hidden! But it’s there. I know most of all the metal bands from Copenhagen, as they are almost all old friends and party friends! Hmm new bands..only one I can think of right now, would be Solbrud.
12. I noticed in the cd that you have found members for live performances. Have you played live so far? Where have you played and how the experience was?
Fjorgynn: Yeah, think we have played 6-7 gigs since summer 2011. Best gig I think we played was in this year Metal Magic Festival in Fredericia, Denmark. Great one indeed!
13. Which are your goals about Fjorsvartnir?
Fjorgynn: I just want to get my shit out to the world for people to listen and judge what is good and bad, so I know what to correct for the future. And then of course a lot of live gigs outside Denmark would be great!
14. Thank you for the interview. Do you want to sum up your future plans and if you want, add something for conclusion?
Fjorgynn: No problem dude! Future plans, are mostly like said before. Get out there and black’n’roll!