Release date:01/03/2012
Label:Grom Records

Legions of the North

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    Legions of the North09:43
  • 3.
    Levende begravet09:55
  • 4.
    Nat og dag08:59
  • 5.
    True Elite06:36
  • 6.
    Den sidste rejse06:20

The Review

It’s been some time since I last time listened to a band from Denmark. Recently Grom records sent me the album “Legions of the North”, the first full length album of Fjorsvartnir from Denmark. Fjorsvartnir were formed in 2007, they consist by Fjorgynn who is playing all instruments and singing and they have released one demo in 2010 and “Legions of the North”. This album contains five tracks and one intro of forty four minutes of duration. By the cover and generally by the album’s layout, the band gives the impression that they play epic Black Metal, something that is not absolutely correct. Their music is a mix of epic sound, they remind a little of Enslaved, with Black Metal of the Scandinavian school.

The tracks are big, six to ten minutes each, but their structure is so good that they don’t let you get bored. The very interesting riffing plays an important role to that too. Other times they are heavy, epic and other times fast, Scandinavian Black Metal riffs, with a great variety, inspired and very interesting. The guitars are clean and played very well, they deliver with passion and accuracy the compositions’ feelings. The drums fill the sound very well while with their nice lines and their powerful parts make the album more interesting. The bass can’t be heard clearly but it is here and adds the depth that is needed by the compositions. The use of keyboard is at minimum level and it is used in very specific parts. The vocals are harsh, typical Black Metal vocals, with many changes concerning the feeling and the passion, they are very expressive and they fit to the style of compositions.

The production is clean and bassy highlighting the compositions. The mix is very good, every instrument can be heard clearly but the sound comes out very massive as it should be in such kind of tracks. The two of the five tracks are written in English while the rest are written in Danish and they speak about the ancient Scandinavian heritage, the superiority of the north race and about epic battles.

The album doesn’t have even one bad moment or track, from the first to the last minute keeps the listener’s interest irreducible. Fjorsvartnir already by their first album show big talent and passion for music. The album is very good and deserves your attention.