Release date:01/01/1993
Label:Molon Lave Records
Limitation:500 copies

Doomed in Eternal Suffering

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  • 1.
    Festering Damnation02:14
  • 2.
    Bride of Unholy Darkness01:57
  • 3.
    Aeons of Sordid Blasphemies02:20
  • 4.
    Eternal Suffering02:42

The Review

The Greek scene of the early ‘90ies had much to show. Many of that material was lost during all those years and unfortunately it has been forgotten. I don’t know how many know and how many remember Flegethon who released a demo in ’90 and an EP in ’93 and since then we never hear anything about them.

Here we have the second release of the band “Doomed in Eternal Suffering” which consists of four tracks – storms, small in duration but comprehensive. The band plays a primitive, raw Death Metal that in some parts touches Black. The first thing that impressed me is the cover. Really gorgeous. Very artistic, reminds of a painting than a cover but at the same time gives the listener to understand what he is going to listen to. The rhythms changes from very fast to mid tempo. The riffs keep you interested until the last second. The drums are fantastic and the drummer shows that he has much potential. The bass can’t be heard very clearly. The band succeeds that they want to: To express with their music the total paranoia. The great vocals help a lot in that as they are really unique, expressive and very obscure. The best track in my opinion is “Eternal Suffering”. The production is just as every Greek Black Metal band’s production of ’93. Dark, fuzzy, stuffed and fits perfectly with the sound and the atmosphere of the album.

Generally this EP is a very good work made by a group with much potential. Listen to it!