Goat Synagogue (Greece) 17/08/2011

I don’t want to talk for Goat Synagogue because it’s the first band that contacted me, supported the site and the whole effort from the beginning so they are in a high position in our respect and we will support them as we can. Apart from that personal event, Goat Synagogue are appreciated and supported also because of their very good first demo which transferred us in Greece 20 years ago. It reminds us with courage and tenacity a sound that some have forgotten some haven’t appreciated but it’s still alive and it will stay alive with bands like Goat Synagogue…
1. Hi Goat Architect, thanks for the interview. First of all do you want to give me some information about the band and each of its members?
Goat Architect: Goat Synagogue were formed in 2010 and it was clearly my idea. The tracks that were released in the demo existed for some time. The rest of the members are some kind of session members and they participate in other bands too, frequently and not.
2. The band musically is inspired by the Greek sound of the early ’90s. How did that happen? What else inspires you to write music and lyrics?
Goat Architect: The band plays Greek black metal style clearly and this will not change ever because I’m a huge fan of that sound and it makes me sad the fact that that sound is snubbed and is sidelined by the Greek audience. I would also like to create something that would please me firstly as a listener. Musically I clearly get inspired by the old Greek scene and mainly by the demos and about the lyrics are clearly occult satanic but generally inspired by the black/death scene.
3. Do you believe that the revival of the old Greek sound can attract the attention of the audience of 2011 whereas the same bands that created that sound have changed their style (Varathron, Rotting Christ, Zemial)?
Goat Architect: No I don’t believe that it will attract the attention of the audience and especially of the Greek one. Anyway this is not my purpose. My purpose is to revive the feeling that I get when I listen to albums of the old Greek scene. The Greek audience anyway prefers the Norwegian sound which I though respect and appreciate.
4. What kind of reviews have you received by the press and the fans for your demo?
Goat Architect: By persons who deal with the Greek sound and they call themselves fans of that sound we’ve received very good reviews. Also the demo has been discussed in an underground level because of the absence of that kind of releases nowadays. People who are used to clean productions and to bands with a manager, I’m sure that they won’t like it, but I don’t care about their opinion.
5. Are you working on new material at the moment? When do you plan to release a new album? Will it be one more demo or you’ll try to make a full length album?
Goat Architect: There is completed material but I have no idea when it will be released and in what format. Maybe a split but there is nothing pre-agreed.
6. Would you like to tell me some things about the girl that you have in the band? How much does she help the composition and generally the band?
Goat Architect: Proserpine has written the demo’s intro and only that. She is a friend of mine and I appreciate her. The keys in the tracks are played by her but everything has been done under my supervision and guidance.
7. Have you ever played live? Where and how was that experience? If not do you plan to play? Goat Synagogue are a new band but you are some years in the Greek underground. What do you think about the Greek scene of nowadays?
Goat Architect: We have never played live and I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen. However if something like that would happen it would clearly happen with bands that have Greek sound. The Greek scene nowadays is in a very good shape and in international underground level is really respected. It’s sad that the Greek audience doesn’t support it and they worship band which they don’t have any connection to black metal and its ideology anymore. Bands that I personally appreciate are Macabre Omen, Goatvomit, Wargoat, Primeval Mass, Acrimonious, Εnd, Chaosbaphomet, Unholy Archangel and also many more.
8. Are you in contact and in cooperation with other Greek underground bands?
Goat Architect: We are I contact with some bands especially with Wargoat and Chaosbaphomet which I support both as a fan because I really appreciate their music.
9. If I don’t make a mistake your lyrics deal with Satanism. Which is your connection with that? What is your opinion about “religion” in general?
Goat Architect: Although I’ve read some books about Satanism I don’t consider myself the most appropriate person to speak on such matters. Surely the lyrics are influenced by that kind of topics… About the organized religion I believe that it clearly is a mean of manipulation and blinding people.
10. What is your opinion about nsBM? Is it a trend that started in Black Metal or the socioeconomic conditions lead increasingly young people to the trap of nazism – neo-fascism?
Goat Architect: I don’t have an opinion especially for NSBM because if something really worth I will support it as a fan regardless of political ideas. What someone believes in is a personal affair and nobody is obliged to endorse it. If we had in mind the ideas and the life of every black metal musician maybe we wouldn’t listen to this music. My opinion is that the political prejudices makes you lose music diamonds, for example I can’t imagine of someone who follows the Greek sound and not respect at least Legion of Doom. That doesn’t mean though that Goat Synagogue promote any political idea.
11. What kind of music do you listen to? What is your occupation apart from music?
Goat Architect: Because my time is limited I try to listen as much as possible to some releases which my friends suggest me regardless music genre, from black metal to old Techno. In my everyday life I work as everybody else and I like running and workout.
12. Which are the goals you want to succeed with Goat Synagogue? How do you want to imagine the band in 5 years?
Goat Architect: I can’t really answer you this because I frankly don’t know what to tell you…
13. Tell me summarily about the band’s near future plans and if you want to add anything for conclusion.
Goat Architect: Some tracks have been recorded that possibly will be released next year as a split with a band of the same style. Thank you for the support from the blog and I wish all the best...