Country:United States
Release date:13/09/1991
Label:Turbo Music

Reflections of the Solstice

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  • 1.
    Blood Monk05:53
  • 2.
    Distorted Birth06:58
  • 3.
    The Fog06:55
  • 4.
    Underground Church04:34
  • 5.
    Chicken Dance03:50
  • 6.
    Acid Orgy05:42
  • 7.
    Possessed Soldiers of War05:17
  • 8.

The Review

This is the first full-length album of Goatlord, a band from the U.S.A. formed in 1985 and nowadays spit-up. At first I noticed the very nice cover: black and white, evil and oldshcool. In this album the band plays dark oldschool metal, Doom-tempo with many thrashy influences. Raw, slow, heavy Doom-Death metal with some Thrashy parts. The guitars are heavy, primitive, not very techniques but they attribute to the atmosphere that the band wants to produce. The bass-lines follows and add to guitars in these rotten Doom paces. Unfortunately, the drums suck in every aspect because on one hand the drummer plays like someone who just started drums lessons. His inexperience and inflexibility of his style of play appears in every track. On the other hand, the sound of drums is empty and shallow. The Death-Black vocals create a great atmosphere from the start. The lyrics deal with Satanic rituals, sacrifices and blasphemy. The production has the atmosphere of the era of the recording and the horror atmosphere that the band wanted to produce. In general, the production in if you make an exception about the bad sound of the drums and I would prefer the sound of the bass to be more high. The tracks I liked the most are: Acid Orgy, Sacrifice and Voodoo Mass. Reflection of the Solstice is a very good album if you can ignore the miserable drums.