Goatpenis (Brazil) 19/02/2011

One of the few bands who endured over time without changing their style nor attitude, totally devoted to Black Metal that they like is Goatpenis. I contacted Sabbaoth, the former of the band, and we had a very interesting interview about the history of Goatpenis, the ideology behind the group but also about their new release. Read carefully…
1. Hi Sabbaoth thank for the interview. Firstly i would like you to give me some information about the long history of the group.What does GOATPENIS represent for you?
Sabbaoth: It represents a long period going back to my adolescence. Goatpenis is part of me..... My friends.... This little musical history underground has fighting against POSERS for two decades!!!!
2. Do you write music and lyrics? How do you get inspired and what is the main theme that you want to express with this project?
Sabbaoth: Yes, me and Fernando have created all the music and lyrics. Rancidity to humans and their nasty attitudes are what make us feel inspired to keep the band alive more than a warhead of pure boil. Letters of devastation and complete end of existence is our theme.
3. Although i like your music and attitude i have been always thinking that the name of the band is a little lame. What is your opinion about that? How did you come up with this name?
Sabbaoth: I've heard that. Usually the new "metalheads find it funny. They are young and immature not to know the old school of metal. Several bands have funny names or lame. Some goes to ridiculous lengths. The word "penis", for many, it's funny. Just like kids in kindergarten react when they are talking about sexuality among the little friends. Sexuality, in my view, it is something serious, and not much fun to think about the sexual member, or the penis.... The word penis as something funny. I speak of violence, abuse, perversion, filth, indecency. Something like, associated with an animal such as goat charismata; is what passes our sound. Despite not giving much attention to the band's name. No one should read the book by its cover. This name; Goatpenis; has over twenty years. Much has changed, we changed...
4. In 2010 you released a very good in my opinion album. How do you feel about it a year after that release?
Sabbaoth: We're still enjoying the sound. Although we have a new CD; Depleted Ammunition that will be release very soon....this year. I think this is again our best and most terrifying work. It's very violent and dirty. Many willlove this stuff as we are very pleased with it.
5. Are you working on new material at the moment? How will it sound and when do you plan to release it?
Sabbaoth: Yes we are already producing more material for a future CD. We only have two songs and a cover that will surprise!!!!!!!
6. Are you a Satanist? Are you an anti-humanist? Which is the philosophy that you follow and support?
Sabbaoth: No. I'm not a Satanist. I am anti-human. I do not follow any ideology or flag. No philosophy worthy of attention or sufficient consideration because all comes from the breed of the human race..... Dirty decadent and false!
7. What is your opinion about the underground BLACK METAL scene of Brazil? Are there any new bands that you want to suggest me?
Sabbaoth: Here the metal is very disjointed. The bands you hate each other. The bands are friends and not feel envious of those who are on the road longer. It's a shame. Few bands are saved, such as Rifle Hate. The scenery here is unfortunate.
8. You are inside the scene for about 20 years and you've seen a lot... Is there much difference between the underground of nowadays and of the past?
Sabbaoth: Good question. Yes, the scene changed a lot. At that time there were so many posers and idiots. The Internet made it much easier to wipe the underground. We can not do much to prevent it. It has two sides. Unfortunately there are many impostors and young people doing shit all around the planet. They are killing the metal..... Fuck them.
9. During all those years you released only 2 full lengths. Why did that happened? It was a creative matter, a matter of time pressure (job, other priorities etc.) or there was no interest by the fans or labels?
Sabbaoth: We care more about quality than quantity. We have no commitment to any record label and need not have this standard of recording an album a year. We shot when we needed, you understand me?
10. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like anything else except Black, Death or Metal in general?
Sabbaoth: Yes, of course. I love baroque music and movie soundtracks. They are fantastic.
11. Your war and anti-human image may lead some people to think that you may have ns views. Do you want to comment on that?
Sabbaoth: People think what they want. We do not control people's thoughts. We've spoken a thousand times on our position regarding prefabricated ideologies. We do not give much importance to what others think. We are who we are and do what we like. Other than that if they think they're this or that nothing will change in our lives.
12. You know that you have many fans and you are very respected by the Greek fans but i think you have never visited Greece. Do you plan to visit Greece some time? With which Greek band you would like to play with?
Sabbaoth: Certainly. It's amazing how we have friends in Greece. Fans are very attentive and likebrutal music. It would be a dream playing in your country. I admire the culture, history and people of Greece. I know several bands there. Like much of the pioneers of Varathron Necromantia and I hear from the old demos. They are great and would be great to play with them.
13. Tell me your near future plans about new releases and live shows and if you want to say something for conclusion.
Sabbaoth: We are launching this year, 2011, the new CD Ammunition Depleted by SatanicSkinhead Propaganda (USA). Wait, is our material more aggressive all-timeGoatpenis. Salute to friends of Greece and crush the posers!!!