Godless (Puerto Rico) 21/05/2014

Godless although they come from a very small country, Puerto Rico, since 1989 until today they always remain active, having achieved since the first years of their existence already, to become known to the worldwide underground Black Metal scene. Apart from effort, patience and perseverance, in order somebody to achieve that, must also have a strong personality which knows what it is looking for and how to gain it. The founding member Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel and now the only member of the band is offering all the information that their fans want to know, but also some interesting elements of the personality behind the band are revealed.
1. Hails Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel. Thanks for this interview. Godless is a really old band and a legend in Puerto Rican scene. Do you want to give me a small biography of the band? Tell me about all the changes of the members. Was it difficult to find loyal Black Metal members?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: Since day 1; Godless have been changing members. It took me almost 2 decades to decide to do all by myself. Haven’t been easy; but I had to do it. There are good musicians here; but there is a lack of people truly into what real Black Metal is about. So; a real BM Scene is nonexistent here. For me BM is not a fashion genre; it is a spiritual and serious territory, where the strong of mind/spirit reign and rule over the Judeo-Christian weakness.
2. Few months ago you released your third full length album. Please give me some information about it. Why it took you so long to be ready?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: “Ingredere In Templum Satanae” was originally going to be released by Bestial Invasion Records (Scotland). Due to some problems the Label ceased to exist in short time affecting all the bands in their schedule. Unfortunately; all were put on hold and GODLESS had to wait until a new label were available to release the Album as soon as possible. Then Exalted Woe Records appeared and the wait was over. Album was released in CD format with a 12 page inlay booklet. It contains 8 Misanthropic Hymns featuring guest members from Sinister and Dark Tribe.
3. I noticed a great improvement since your previous albums concerning the production and the mixture of the album. Am I right? How was that achieved?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: Yes. I record everything in my own Studio. Obviously the Studio has improved a lot since the previous releases. I have better equipment now but I always try to sound as old school as possible. I also made a better mixture of everything; especially with the bass guitar (which is never heard in BM). So the GODLESS new sound is clearer but it still keeps the old atmosphere that indentifies it since the beginning.
4. There are two guest musicians featuring in the album. Do you want to tell me more about that collaboration and their contribution to this album?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: As many people know I have the tradition to invite great musicians/friends to feature in the GODLESS releases. This time was Bastiaan Brussaard from the legendary Death Metal band SINISTER; a very talented guitarist who did some killer guitar solos on the Album. GODLESS also had some guest vocals by Jenseits from the Black Metal Band DARK TRIBE. I can tell you that his vocals are one of the most insane I have heard in my life. They together gave that highlights the Album needed to be complete. I am very very satisfied with their excellent work. My gratitude is eternal to them.
5. “Ingredere in TemplumSatanae” is your first release with Exalted Woe Records. How did they get in touch with you and made this cooperation? Are you satisfied by their support and promotion so far?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: I sent previews of “Ingredere In Templum Satanae” to many labels worldwide. Many Labels were interested but not available to release it in the moment due to full schedules, etc. So; Exalted Woe Records responded and offered a good deal. I am satisfied with them.
6. Generally your music is raw and old school Black Metal. However in every album the listener can notice epic touches. Tell me about your music influences. How do you get inspired to write music?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: The main Godless influences are those who drive my own feelings/beliefs. Those are the evil spirits I put shape on and covert in demons with the essence of my music. A song is not only a riff; is more than that. It is in us to put that demon in each song and to let the listener get possessed by it.
7. Your lyrics are written in English but also in Latin. How do you know Latin? Why do you have the need to express yourself in Latin? Tell me more about your lyrics.
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: Lyrics are the most important part of Godless music. They are the spirit of each song. Without them the songs are meaningless unless is an instrumental song which can be described as an annihilation of cosmos soundtrack. The idea of using old languages (not only Latin) and even secret codes is to let the listener know that this is not just a simple monotonous lyric and that there is more knowledge beyond that than anyone can expect. In fact some songs are too personal that to know the real meaning of them you need to decode them basically. So; I ask to people, are you into the real occult arts? Then learn to deal with it.
8. Your lyrics concern Satanism. Are you a Satanist? Which philosophy do you accept and follow?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: I refuse to call myself a Satanist as nowadays it has become a total trend and a complete children playground. I refuse to be part of that. I am a lonely wolf that runs with my own pack apart from that humanist neo-religion. Real Satanism is elitism; is based on misanthropy and hatred toward lower forms of life. Feeble common humans have nothing to do with it. Today’s kids are rebels that just want to run away from their Christian beliefs to some sort of Neo-Satanism that is nothing more than other form of Christianity. I condemn that and treat them as enemies. The philosophy I follow just dwells in me and will remain that way forever. It doesn’t need to be preached because is part of just a selected group who remain silent behind the curtains of Death and the 11 eclipses!
9. Sorry about that but you are the only band from Puerto Rico that I know. Are there other bands playing Black Metal? Is there a scene? Do you cooperate or support any bands from there?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: Black Metal scene here is basically nonexistent. There is a normal metal scene that has grown a lot since this last years. Unfortunately; there are more posers than supporters. The Only serious Labels/Organizations/Radio Stations who deserve support here are Thrash Corner Records, Heavy Metal Mansion, Khaosmaster Records and Heavy Metal Studies.
10. How easy was for you to play Black Metal since 1989 in a country with not much interest about that kind of music?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: Godless is a band that has been focused since the beginning to be known outside the Island. Fortunately; I was able since that time to contact many bands/people worldwide and promote Godless in many countries. So; in that way it was easy for me but for others not. Most bands here were lazy enough to never contact people outside island. They were always dreaming that they could have success here playing at their garages or at local Pubs. I have never lived in that cloud; As far as 2014, the band is very known worldwide in the Underground Black Metal Scene. To be sincere; that is what really matters to me. Haven’t been easy, But time given and force have been worth of!
11. I guess that Godless do not perform live. But I think that in the past you have played in some gigs. Is that correct? Why you don’t play anymore? Does this happening because of the lack of permanent members?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: First off; it’s a waste of time to be playing around this small island many times a year. The crowd is basically the same everywhere you play and you get nothing out of it but problems. There are some people who give real support but there are more that want to destroy you. The scene here is based in envy, betrayers, etc and I don’t want to be part of it. Godless prefers to be apart from that. We were also banned from many places due to the cruelty of the shows. If someday Godless is going to play live again it will be at a big event here or outside the Island. For now I doubt it until I find the right session members to do so. I am thinking seriously in finding them in other country.
12. You have seen Black Metal from the beginning. What is your opinion about the scene of today? Do you think that over the years, the true spirit and philosophy of Black Metal has been forgotten?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: In my eyes; the true spirit of Black Metal is dead. Most of the old bands that are alive today have betrayed their roots just for money and groupies. Also; the rest of new bands are made by posers who just want to follow the trend. There is a very small bunch of bands that are still fighting for what True Black metal stands for; and Godless is one of them. We keep the flame burning no matter if the entire cosmos is against us. Our Battle hymns are for just a selected group of warriors. Each one of them is a link in this big chain which tightens Christianity by its neck.
13. Have you started planning your next album? Do you write music for the next album or it is early for that? Do you have in mind about when the next album will be ready for release (no seven years more of waiting I guess)?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: New album is planned to be recorded during this year hopefully. So; fans don’t have to wait like before. I already have the concept of the album, lyrics and music. I just have to settle well all the ideas and have them recorded. I already have the title for it but Ill not reveal it yet. Expect something faster and crueler with a controversial Artwork. I’ll probably have a guest drummer this time.
14. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Grofaz A.k.a. Asaradel: As for plans; New Album on its way very soon as other several new songs that will be used for some compilations and maybe some splits. Thanks xDemonX and Orthodox Black Metal webzine for this interview and the great work you are doing for the Underground Black Metal scene. Also; thanks for the endless support many people worldwide have given to Godless since the early days. Evilness and hatred is the fuel that moves this machine of destruction and you all are the soldiers who march behind us in this endless war against Judeo – Christianity. Without you; we are nothing but together we will conquer and prevail. May some day we see this Cosmos implode and swallow all forms of existence while we sit in our thrones watching beyond the infinity.