Arist:Grey Heaven Fall
Release date:30/10/2015
Label:Aesthetics of Devastation

Black Wisdom

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  • 1.
    The Lord Is Blissful in Grief06:51
  • 2.
    Spirit of Oppression11:29
  • 3.
    To the Doomed Sons of Earth09:03
  • 4.
    Sanctuary of Cut Tongues03:12
  • 5.
    Tranquility of the Possessed08:54
  • 6.
    That Nail in a Heart11:51

The Review

Black Wisdom is the second full length release of Grey Heaven Fall a special and quite interesting trio from Russia. The band was formed in 2006 and it has released two demos, one split and another full length album. Black Wisdom was released by Aesthetics of Devastation, a new label from Russia, in October of 2015 and it contains six compositions of overall duration of fifty-two minutes. Already from the very distinguished cover you can understand that you are about to listen to a very cerebral release. Indeed, by the first notes, the band achieves to astonish the listener with the special Black Metal that it presents.

Surely here you won’t find a typical, ordinary Black Metal, but a very interesting mixture of cerebral, other times melancholic Black and other times aggressive, violent, with Death and Doom Metal elements while in various parts you will also notice some cold – epic passages. The riffs are other times melodic, other times violent and dark, while other times they are getting lost inside the slow Doom passages. Apart from the aforementioned, the listener will also come across a lot of references to orthodox Black Metal, with the disharmonic melodies and their weird rhythms to be να ξεχωρίζουν. The almost progressive approach of the compositions, achieves to maintain the interest of the listener throughout the quite long compositions and at the same time it develops and evolves each track completely. So the structure of the compositions is very good and apart from their long duration they are not tedious for the listener.

In addition to the high level of quality of the compositions, the perfect performance of the instruments and the flawless sound are taking the quality of the album to an even higher level. Firstly, the guitars with their crystal – clear sound, but at the same time deep, solid, violent and dark, deliver the riffs flawlessly, they create the atmosphere and the images while they easily drag the listener into this violent and psychedelic δίνη that they create. The bass is heavy and it fills the compositions exactly as it should. The drums are technical, with awesome turnings and very intelligent passages, they add power where is needed and they achieve to present intelligent and creative lines. The vocals are heavy vocals somewhere between Black and Death, while they are very expressing and intense. The production is heavy, bass but quite clean. The mixture is absolutely balanced and it achieves to present the compositions with the solid and massive character that they need. Finally, the lyrics are written in Russia, but the cd that I received contains only the lyrics translated in English. Actually, both the lyrics demand the absolute attention of the listener and quite a lot of thinking in order to reveal the difficult and complex meanings. They are dark and they combine the metaphysical element of God with philosophy, presenting a very interesting result.

By listening Black Wisdom album, someone can understand that this band has a great talent and great musical abilities. The album is very good both regarding the sound but most importantly, regarding the composition. The band has much talent and it is working correctly in order to offer the best result possible. I will surely search for their previous releases and I will have an eye on them for future works, something that I urge you to do too. It is not an easy album to listen to for each one of the Black Metal audience but for sure it worth to give it a try.