Gromm (Ukraine) 23/11/2010

Gromm is a very promising Orthodox Black Metal band from Ukraine. Despite they have released only 2 full length albums they have gained the respect and appreciation of every fan in the underground. We contacted Nabath, frondman and singer of the band,who gave us really interesting answers so enjoy!!!
1. Tell me about the history of Gromm. How did you decide to start the band? What does Gromm mean?
Nabath: Listening different metal bands I was especially impressed by Black Metal. That art had unique atmosphere and extraordinary dark energy, so that possession made me to start Black Metal band. Gromm was born in 2001. After all these years remained two main members of the band: me and BaalBerith. Gromm recorded some musical abominations which were released on CDs and tapes. For a long period we do not play alive. Some years ago we start to play at gigs using guest musicians. Gromm means the roaring voice of Chaos.
2. Which is your inspiration for composing music and lyrics? I like very much that you write in ukrainian but i cant understand. Tell me what they are about.
Nabath: I’m inspired with my inner negative feelings, thoughts and Black Metal Art. If you have our CDs you can find there translation of our lyrics. Gromm’s themes are: misanthropic sarcasm, cynicism, antireligious manifestation and Chaos.
3. You use corpsepaint something that nowadays with shitty mainstream bands has become a trend. What does corpsepaint represent for you?
Nabath: I don’t think corpsepaint is a trend. If any real Black Metal band use it – that’s right. Corpsepaint is a face of our inner demons, a negative part of ego. It’s a part of Black Metal Art. Though I have nothing against bands that do not use corpsepaint.
4. The nsbm scene has many bands and fans from all the world and especially in your country. How do you feel about ns scene and ukrainian bm scene in general?
Nabath: I’m not interesting in nsbm so I can say nothing. There are no nsbm-scene in Ukraine, only some particular bands. The same situation is about Black Metal – there are a few Black Metal bands in my country. And only some of them play alive. That’s why I can not say that Black Metal scene exists in Ukraine. Here are popular death metal, grind, pagan and more trendy music – nu-metal, different types of core and artificially created pseudo-metal styles.
5. What is "religion" for you?
Nabath: Nothing. I have no religion.
6. What kind of music do you listen to?
Nabath: The bigger part of my music collection is Black Metal. Also I listen to some bands play doom, heavy, hard-rock.
7. Are there any bands (old or new) that you respect?
Nabath: Yes. Here are some of them: Motorhead, Dissection, Lucifugum, Darkthrone… But it’s not a simple question to answer, because I respect different bands for different things: music, attitude, ideology etc. So the list can be long and even contradictory.
8. My opinion about your last ep “Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism” is that it is not as good as your other albums. I think it misses the frozen and epic feeling of the excellent "Sacrilegium" and in the great composition of "Cold Old Thorns" and "hapiness...". How do you feel about your last album?
Nabath: If you like atmospheric and cold Black Metal – of cause you would like Gromm’s old albums more. “Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism” is more thrashing and rocking. This mini-album is more alive because it was recorded by ourselves at rehearsal place, while previous albums were recorded at “home studio”. As for me I’m satisfied with this record very much.
9. Are you working on a new album this time? How is your cooperation with propaganda?
Nabath: We got an invitation from one label to take part in split-CD with 2 other bands, so in the beginning of autumn we recorded a new mini-album called “Obscurantism” for this release. It must be unleashed at the end of 2010 as digi-CD. As for Propaganda – we are totally satisfied with this label. They know what they do. Serious and devoted attitude.
10. Do you know if you have fans in Greece? When will you play live in Greece? I really want to see you live. Have you ever visited Greece?
Nabath: Yes, we got some messages from Greece from persons who appreciate what we do. We can play in Greece when someone there can organize a gig for Gromm. But I think you know that gigs’ organizers in Europe invite bands from Ukraine very rare, because Ukrainian musicians need to get visas and it’s rather hard procedure. And governments of EU countries sabotage the cancellation of visas for Ukrainians and Russians. No, I have never been to Greece, though your country is interesting for me. But because I prefer to travel independently, not by tour agencies, I need to beg a visa. As I told before - it’s not easy, so I don’t want to stick into this bureaucratic shit. May be in future something will change.
11. You are a great band, i think one of the best of the new decade. Keep up the good work and stay true and underground as you are. Thank you very much. Horns up!
Nabath: Thanks for your interest to Gromm and for interview. Hellz to Musick of Chaos!