Arist:Навь / Deathmoor
Release date:06/12/2014
Label:S.N.D. Production

De Morte Peccati ad Mortem

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  • 1.
    Навь - Трепет предчувствия - страх неизвестности (Явь)04:15
  • 2.
    Навь - Незримое прикосновение к бездне и смерти (Навь)03:51
  • 3.
    Навь - Перерождёный в поток мироздания (Правь)03:50
  • 4.
    Deathmoor - В потоках сентябрьских ливней06:42
  • 5.
    Deathmoor - Вдохновению октябрьских сумерек07:36

The Review

Deathmoor is one of these bands that in every one of their release has something to offer to the listener. After three full length albums, split and EP releases they have proved themselves to their fans and they have shown what they are capable to offer. So I know what I should expect into “De Morte Peccati Ad Mortem”, at least for the two tracks of Deathmoor. The three tracks which are opening the album, belong to Навь, a band that although it is old (they exist since 1996) it has released only two full length albums and some demo and split releases. The fact that I didn’t know Навь before, made my surprise and joy even bigger when the first riffs of the first track began. Well, the first band, Навь, plays violent, Scandinavian Black Metal with heavy Thrash characteristics, dark and chaotic atmosphere. Here Deathmoor present us two tracks in their well – known style, that is Scandinavian Black Metal with the characteristic atmospheres that they create so well.

As the album begins with Навь, we can observe that the riffs are typical, violent Black Metal riffs, mainly fast, dark and a few times chaotic having a lot of melodic elements. The band appears to have influences from Thrash too, as a lot of times those influences are put out into the tracks. The tracks are quite short but the band achieves in a very nice way to present its ideas completely inside the duration of four minutes. The structure of the tracks is flawless as the changes are done smoothly while at the same time there is also a big variety something that makes the compositions very interesting. The instruments are all played with passion and accuracy while they cooperate with each other very well in order to offer that very good result. The guitars are threatening and violent, their sound is clean and passionate. The bass is audible and clear and it fills the sound very well as also its lines are mentionable. The drums are brutal, fast and played with accuracy and passion. Their lines are quite interesting. The vocals are harsh, passionate Black Metal vocals, they add intensity, passion and violence to the compositions. The production is heavy, bass but clean. It presents a dark and heavy sound which fits to the compositions and into some parts it gives them a different aspect. The mixture is balanced and it puts out a very solid sound. The lyrics are included in the cd and they are written in Russian.

Deathmoor with their well-known from their previous releases style, other times harsh, other times melodic, with riffs that combine the sound of the Scandinavian school with the ugly disharmonic melodies, they create a dark and very intense atmosphere. The speed of in their tracks is varied, other times very fast, other times rhythmic – of mid pace, while a lot of times it becomes slow – torturing. The riffs are very interesting and combined with the flawless structure of the tracks and despite the tracks are long in duration, they are very interesting. The instruments are played flawlessly in here too. The guitars are those who are distinguished with their electrifying and dark sound. The bass is clearly audible and it has interesting lines while it fills the sound perfectly. The drums are powerful and played with passion but their lines are somewhat monotonous. The vocals are harsh and very expressive Black Metal vocals which fit perfectly to the compositions while there are also the coral vocals that we had come across in previous releases too. The production is clean and somehow bass and along with the balanced mixture they offer an awesome result which helps the compositions. Finally, also the lyrics of Deathmoor are written in Russian.

The two bands have as many similarities in order not to make the passing from the tracks of one band to the next, but they also have as many differences in order to offer to us variety and different images and feelings. The idea to present their new material, these two bands together, by the result it seems excellent. “De Morte Peccati Ad Mortem” is a very good release and it is a good chance to get to know both these bands. I suggest you to buy this album.