Hegemoon (Poland) 04/07/2012

I like very much to talk to musicians who on one hand are in the mood to talk and analyze the subjects I ask as they should and on the other hand they have a structured way of thinking, point of view and they express it with passion. One of those musicians is Pogan, the vocalist and guitarist of the Polish Hegemoon. In a different situation and with different means we may talk for hours but now read his 14 very straightforward, sincere and interesting answers and meet Hegemoon.
1. Hello Pogan. Thanks a lot for the interview. Do you want to give some information about the band and its members?
Pogan: Hail. Hegemoon was formed as a two people project on the turn of 2000/2001. Our beliefs pushed us to start composing music and writing lyrics. In 2003 we released split with ukrainian Runes of Dianceht and two years later first full length album "Tron Zła". In the meantime these materials were released on cassettes and in 2010 we did promo for our latest album which was released on 24.12.2011. Now Hegemoon consists of three people: Seth-guitar, bass, Nekro-drums, Pogan-vocal, guitar and this line-up is deeply rooted by playing together for a few years. We are rather closed circle together. Althought we tried to cooperate with other musicians, it didn`t work out. I think it`s because of our individual style of making music. These trials were always the loss of time which also caused such a along break between our releases.
2. In November 2011 you released your second full length album, in my opinion a very good album. Tell me more about the conditions and the means that you had for the recording.
Pogan: The whole work took us about nine months I guess, starting with the first sounds of the recording session and ending up with the final effect. We were recording in the studio placed nearby our town, so we had some comfort of time. Music representing the album is the mirror of our personalities and was created by ourselves exclusively. The same with the lyrics and the whole lay out idea of the album. We did the recording by our own money so we weren`t dependent on anybody.
3. How do you get inspired to write music and lyrics? What do you want to express with your music?
Pogan: We make music spontaneously without any rush, it comes from our insides so the whole process must be natural and smooth. We get creative when there`s a right atmosphere and time. There`s a wide range of musical inspirations for us. I`m personally deeply rooted in the 80`s. Bands like Venom, Bathory, Samael formed my preferences and views concerning many things, in the course of time my beliefs and opinions grew strong and this is what matters in my life. Every concert turns me on to make music and lyrics, interesting books and surrounding world give me some kind of inspiration and I open myself for the possibilities worth thinking of. As a band we unleash all of our emotions throughout the music.
4. Your lyrics are in Polish. Do you want to tell me what you speak of in your lyrics?
Pogan: In the lyrics we try to express the strength of old beliefs and show our struggle against the deceitful slaves of god who are spreading the false revelations. The lyrics on "Szaty Kłamstw" are so much personal, they were being made under the influence of different kinds of emotions and events. We point at the people who blindly believe in the schizophrenic person namely jesus christ. We stigmatize the deceit of dogmatic religions and we praise the egocentric point of view. There are also extremely negative and sinister emotions in our lyrics expressing the pain of existence. We say that not only satanism spreads blasphemy but also pagan and atheistic beliefs are fundaments of the fight against christianity. We come from Poland and we appreciate our language, history and slavonic culture, that`s why we write lyrics in Polish.
5. You exist as a band since 2000. Your first album was released in 2005 and the second in 2011. Why there is so much distance between your releases?
Pogan: As I said before we had a very bad experience with new musicians in the band and we tried quite a few people so it took a lot of time and commitment. Apart from this matter we never hurry ourselves. The music and lyrics were being made in the course of time and never under any pressure. We had also constant problems with rehearsal room and off course we have our families and everyday responsibilities which need to be taken care of. I realize that`s a long period of time but it doesn`t matter, we`re still alive and punching.
6. Are you satisfied with the support and promotion made by the label which released "Szaty Kłamstw?
Pogan: That`s a very good question. At the moment we don`t feel any support from the label but we don`t beg for it doesn`t make sense. The album is being distributed around the world but that`s all, there`s no promotion. Well, it`s not a perfect situation but we`ll manage. I`m sure that our music and lyrics are strong enough to break through to the listeners. Thanks to reviews and the support that we have from people like you for example, we spread our venomous attitude to another unfilled souls. During the whole process of making the album we made a few mistakes which were a good lesson for us. In the future we won`t let some things happen again. I `m not getting involved with the details because it`s not worth it. Negative experiences make us stronger and keep us going forwards! This is how I see it.
7. Have you started composing material for your next release? About when do you have in mind to release new material?
Pogan: (hehe) No...We haven`t done anything yet but everyone has got new ideas, riffs. When time comes we`ll compare all the ideas. At the moment we`re preparing the new cassette to be released. It will include the graphics excluded from the CD version. We`re also thinking about releasing the split EP. We`ve got one long track recorded during the latest session, we left it aside to be released later. We`re looking for another horde and the label to make the whole thing happen. As for the new album we would like to release it as soon as possible, up to two years I guess but all in the hands of god (hehe)- so say the fool. No, we won`t give anything to the others` hands!
8. What kind of comments have you got by the fans and the press for "Szaty Kłamstw" so far?
Pogan: All the reactions that I`m familiar with are rather positive but we don`t flatter ourselves too much. We`re happy about that but it`s not the most important thing for us, the music and lyrics are strongly personal so what really matters is that if our music can still be fresh and attractive for the listener after some time or not. I hope it can. First of all we make music for ourselves, we don`t do it thinking how would people react. Our music is direct and raw, we have to do it to let our emotions free. Positive reactions of people are just a pleasing bonus.
9. What is your opinion about Polish underground? Do you have any relationship or do you cooperate with other bands from Poland?
Pogan: Nowadays our underground is oh so strong. In the 90`s a few cult bands have been formed and that was the time when Polish underground was highly recognizable. After a few years of stagnation the scene now is more differentiated but the level I guess is still very high. There are many bands appreciating the old spirit of Black Metal and there are also new bands having a different view of making music but these are out of my interest. We have a contact with a few people from the underground but we don`t see each other very often, sometimes we talk together during the live shows but usually we correspond by e-mailing.
10. In Poland the NSBM scene is quite big and has many followers. What is your opinion about NSBM and the fact that Poland has a big NSBM scene?
Pogan: We do not identify with NS ideology and that`s how it`s gonna be. Hegemoon is not a political band. We are interested in eradicating the religious dogmas and we are taking care of our spiritual slavonic culture. However, there`s no doubt that some Polish bands connected with NS play very good music. Recently I`ve seen live bands like Dark Fury, Der Sturmer, Goatmoon. This was real hell...raw, blasphemic atmosphere...one of the unforgettable concerts.
11. Which bands or music styles do you think that have influenced your music?
Pogan: Everyone of us has got different inspirations. My musical preferences have been shaped by the bands of the 80`s as I said before. I never liked Thrash or Death Metal bands with some exceptions off course. The next step was Norwegian wave and the bands from Finland, Beherit and nowadays Behexen. Being in contact with nature and the music is a true sacrum for me that gives me strength in everyday life.
12. Do you play live? Have you or will you play live for the promotion of "Szaty Kłamstw". Have you ever played outside Poland? Where?
Pogan: Hegemoon never played live and we never wanted this from the beginning. We`ve been offered a few possibilities of playing live but we always say no. From time to time we speak of this matter inside the band, maybe someday this will happen, who knows? Personally, I love concerts but I don`t feel like I need playing live. Playing together at the rehearsals is enough for me.
13. What do you do apart from music?
Pogan: We have families, friends and ordinary jobs so to exist in this mortal world. But to remain pure individuals we have to educate ourselves all the time. Self improvement is very important for me because only the enlightened person has a chance to survive in todays world of propaganda and indifference which flow over like an outbreak and get the fool and the weak. I read a lot about different kind of things to keep my mind clear and fresh.
14. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and also if you want, add anything for conclusion?
Pogan: I guess everything has been already said. Thanks for giving us the opportunity of showing Hegemoon`s attitude. Don`t get fooled, walk your own path and always watch your steps! AVE !