Release date:15/11/2011
Label:Werewolf Promotion

Szaty kłamstw

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  • 1.
    Celebracja czci04:21
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Szaty kłamstw05:30
  • 4.
    Dolina czarnej krwi05:01
  • 5.
    Manifest bluźnierstwa05:39
  • 6.
    Gloria Paganum05:14
  • 7.
    Kielich pogardy07:43
  • 8.
    Upadek plemienia kłamstwa05:44

The Review

Hegemoon is another band which exists many years in Black Metal, coming from the huge scene of Poland, it was formed in 2000 and it consists of three members. “Szaty Klamstw” is the second full length album of Hegemoon which was released some months before (November 2011), it follows two split albums (2003, 2006) and a full length (2005) and it contains eight compositions. The band, musically, is moving in the territory of harsh, very fast Black Metal with some mid-paced, epic passages, generally influenced both by the Scandinavian and by the Poland’s tradition in epic Black Metal sound.

The riffs are fast, straightforward and very interesting. They brought to my mind bands like old Marbuk and Gorgoroth, combining also some epic elements. Their warlike and in some parts epic character delivers you directly into the battlefield. The guitars with their dirty and raw sound deliver the tracks’ feeling very well. The drums are played well but in some parts they can’t be heard clearly. The bass can hardly be heard. The vocals are harsh, raw Black Metal vocals, that although they remind of other bands a lot, they fit perfectly with the sound and feeling.

Unfortunately the production and the mix are those two elements that lower a little the albums quality. The production is quite dirty so that the sound to become very dirty in some parts. Also because of the bass’ absence, the sound has no depth at all. The mix isn’t bad, but the bass is almost buried and that’s affecting the result. The entire album’s lyrics are written in Polish and I don’t know what they refer to.

Regardless of the mistakes in production, I liked Hegemoon’s material quite a lot. Their music, although it isn’t anything that you listen for the first time, is quite interesting, with the band having paid much attention to the part of the composition and the tracks’ structure. If the listener offers the opportunity to the album and tries to get used to the production, he will discover a good release and a mentionable band. I suggest you to listen to it.