Hellbomb (Russia) 27/05/2020

I am always very pleased to meet young and passionate artists of new (or not so new) bands as Dmitry of Hellbomb. Hellbomb comes from Russia (Moscow and Saint Petersburg), they are active since 2014 and they have managed to receive some very positive comments and attention with their special blend of extreme Metal. Dmitry is one of the two founding members, so who else would be more suitable to introduce to us Hellbomb and explain their philosophy and attitude.
1. Hails Hellbomb. How are you? How are things with the corona virus panic in Russia? Are you in lockdown too?
Dmitry Golyashev: Infernal hails, xDemoNx and Orthodox Black Metal! Right now i’m in Moscow where the situation with coronavirus is pretty tough. Numbers are not so terrifying as in some other countries, but self-isolation mode is on and life kinda stands still. Other guys are in Saint Petersburg - it’s not so difficult there. All of us avoid panic and all the toxic news source. Monitoring the situation, staying safe, staying close to our families, focused on creative process.
2. Let’s start by presenting me the band and each of its members. How did you guys meet? Are you friends long before the band?
Dmitry Golyashev: Dmitry is here - bass guitar. Aleks is on the drums. Andrey - vocals. And Evgeniy is our axeman. Aleks and me are a long time friends, we used to live on the same hood in Moscow and played together for a while when were young. Aleks moved to Saint Petersburg but we never lost connection and never missed an opportunity to jam when seeing each other. Through time, that jams developed into an idea to form a studio project. Which outgrown into full time band as i also moved to St. P. We met other guys a bit later. Andrey fronted a band called Black Soul Blade. Russian angry metal monsters. Too bad they split up not long ago. We used to hang out on the Redneck Rec studio. I must say - Andrey is a fucking beast. Enormous vocal talent. I believe he could do any type of singing if he wanted - from Whitesnake to Gutalax. So there was not much hesitation whom to offer vocal position. Evgeniy is from Infiltration - a death metal act, where Aleks is also taking part as a drummer. A true friend. Solid and concrete person, just as his guitar style.
3. How did you come up with the name of the band and what does it represent for you?
Dmitry Golyashev: I think it’s just came up. Spontaneous insight. A perfect label for music we are doing. Brutal, primitive and deadly force.
4. Darkness Grinds Within was the first album i listened by you and i have to tell you that you have done a very good job. I guess all those elements that you blend is not appreciated by everyone, so please tell me what kind of comments have you received so far by the press or the fans?
Dmitry Golyashev: Well, reviews a pretty good. Most of them mention the development of our music into more death/black genre. Sound production is complemented widely. Some fans of course expected to hear the same material as it was on our previous releases. I guess we stuck in a middle. We got this blackened hardcore trashy old stuff. And this new black/death style songs. Lots of people liked our new approach. And without a doubt everyone find our album highly intense and hateful. Which for me is very pleasant remark. As i consider energy and emotional part of our music more significant than any genres affiliation.
5. Is the music written by a specific member of the band or it is a collaboration between all four of you? What inspires you to write music?
Dmitry Golyashev: Mostly i do composing by myself - all the riffs, structure basis, main vocal patterns. Afterwards we do arrangements and finalizing song structure with Aleks. But it’s an open process, coming natural during rehearsals. All members are always welcome to contribute their ideas. And their part is huge, so you can never find particular names in music authorship line on our CD inlays - it’s always a team work.Regarding inspiration, i rarely feel the urge to compose under the influence of external factors. Probably my new experiences, impressions of music and books, impressions of nature and communication, all this charging my creative battery. But for me composing is more a transformation of some internal energy into music. Don't get me wrong i am not trying to romanticize my writing process with all this “dark forces possessing me” and stuff. But that’s how i feel it - energy transformation. These riffs are literally swarming in my head, searching for a way out. And when I pick up a guitar in a suitable state of consciousness and mood - they coming to life. The other part is a hard work on developing and improving this material.
6. Concerning your music, which bands or music styles do you think that have influenced you? Are there any artist or band, not only Metal or extreme, that you respect for his art or attitude?
Dmitry Golyashev: I'm not a big fan of dissecting my own music. But let's name a few. Late Darkthrone and early Mayhem. Morbid Angel and Slayer definitely. Marduk. Superjoint Ritual is also a tremendous impact for our band. I believe all the music we grew up listening to is imprinted on what we are doing now. And of course it’s old school metal bands. Metal classics.Speaking of non metal artists i admire - Nick Cave is magnificent. His live performances is true magic. I’m also a huge fan of Glenn Danzig and Depeche Mode.
7. Would you like to give me some information about your lyrics? I think that you are influenced by the way bands wrote their lyrics in the ‘90ies, simple and straight. Do you agree?
Dmitry Golyashev: Yeah, pretty much. First of all, that's the music i grew up. And definitely absorbed this lyrical manner. But mostly i try to fit our music, so the whole picture is solid. I use simple, straightforward images to enhance our primitive and violent sounds. That is the main conception of our lyrical part.
8. I see that you play live. Where have you played so far? Have you ever played outside of Russia? How do you experience a live concert as a band and what do you want to transfer to your audience?
Dmitry Golyashev: The biggest show for us yet was Netherlands Deathfest 2018. One of the best metal festivals so far, in my opinion. We also played lots of gigs in Russia and shared stage with Destroyer 666, Necrophobic, Exhumed and dozens of local bands.Our message on live shows is simple and clear, just as our music - maximum aggression and raw energy. Hardcore metal riot! Rising hell as we bang our heads and rip our instruments as hard as possible.
9. You are a part of a huge Metal scene. Especially the underground scene in Russia is already huge and everyday another band pops. Is there any cooperation between the bands, you know each other, at least the members of local bands? What is your opinion about the underground Black Metal scene in Russia? Are there any bands that you respect and would like to suggest to me?
Dmitry Golyashev: Definitely, Russian underground metal bands are getting better and better every year. And usually it’s very friendly environment and closely connected circle of people. Not only the bands, but also artists, tattoo artists, zines, fans - the whole community.Black metal scene in Russia is unbelievably strong. We got Pseudogod and SS-18, which are pretty well known outside Russia. Thron and their second album - Seductions Of Unbaptized Darkness is kinda Russian BM classics. I would also mention Morgenstern and The Initiation. And check out Zima - our drummer's project. He also would definitely name Second to sun and Ultar.
10. What do you do apart from music? What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?
Dmitry Golyashev: We all have regular day jobs. Andrey owns a wooden workshop. Evgeniy is a head of engineer department in construction business. Aleks is a vocal teacher and music producer. I’m a freelance web and graphic designer.Any kind of music, man! Of course we are metal fans and it’s a huge part of our lives, but there tons of great music in different styles. Depending on mood and situation. Coffinshakers or Prodigy while working. Rammstein or Obituary for working out. There are punk/hardcore and classic rock stuff. It could be a separate conversation really.
11. Have you started composing material for your next release or it is too soon? When do you plan to have a new album ready to be released? Will you try to follow the same path musically speaking, or you might try something different?
Dmitry Golyashev: New songs are right on their way. Actually we are in the middle of record process. It’s gonna be 3 song EP titled - NOISE WORSHIP PROPAGANDA. Hope this covid situation won’t delay it’s release for too long. I would say - october is more than likely this blasphemous hymns come to life.
12. Thanks a lot for your time. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for a conclusion?
Dmitry Golyashev: Thanks for your attention and support! The same goes to all the fans over the world! Check out our last album. Check out Orthodox black metal. And follow the news from Hellbomb camp - soon more music to come!