Heretic (Netherlands) 10/11/2010

Heretic is an underground band from Netherlands that was formed by Thomas Goat the frontman of the band in 1995. Heretic band nowadays plays blacked punk metal. At their first 2 albums they play something like punkened Black Metal. However their style didn't chage much as they are totally devoted to punk feeling and to true Black Metal masters Venom, Hellhammer and Motorhead but with a very personal way. This is Thomas Goat!!! Our Lives Are Blessed By Satan!!!
1. Give me some information about Heretic. I think you changed some members tell me about it.
Thomas Goat: The current line-up is together since March 2008 (which is probably a record according to Heretic standards haha) Since August 2009 RJ Bloodcurse has been added to the band as a second guitarplayer.
2. You where formed in the '90ies when Black Metal bands were influenced by the norwegian sound. However you sound more like 80ies Venom Motorhead and punk. How did you create this personal sound and style? From where do you get your inspiration?
Thomas Goat: This personal sound & style that you speak of is nothing more than natural for me. The main reason for my artistic expression through the source of music has always been creating something new and different that others lacked to offer. It made no sense to me TO try and copy something that already excists, because i would get enough fulfilment out of listening to that particular style, whatever it may be. Of course i am inspired by other artists, but the uniqueness of our sound lies in the fact that i dare to combine the extreme diversity in genres of the artists i listen to.
3. You created Devilworsipper at 2003 and after 5 year Splitting Skulls for Satan. Why didn't you release anything during those 5 years? From the split "Splitting Skulls for Satan" you change your sound. Why you did that? What do the old fans of Heretic feel about it?
Thomas Goat: The reason we did not release anything in those years is because the band was defunct. After a 6 year absence a change in sound was inevitable. Recording techniques have taken a great step forward and we choose to use them to the fullest in our own advantage. There would be no motivation for me to release anything new if i was not able to create something totally different than what we have already done. I do not wish to copy a certain style and that includes my own. I have received no complaints from old fans so far hahah. Those who don't like it, should simply continue to listen to the old records that give them the satisfaction they desire, no problem for me.
4. The themes of your songs are satanism antichristianity and blasphemy. Are you a satanist? What kind of satanism do you follow? What is religion for you in general?
Thomas Goat: 80% of the songs that are currently available have been written before 1998. A time where i was a selfclaimed Devilworshipper, a term i always preferred to use in contrary to Satanist, since it gave more expression to the current of Satanism i was practicing. This has been the main path i walked for years, but this path seemed to be moving in circles. Only recently i was able to become the spark to light the flame that showed me the portals this path contained. I have opened gates to new paths and have broaden my horizon to say the least. SATAN will always be the main core, since it was his path that led me to these gates. But you will notice that the lyrics to our new songs will be beyond this illusionary earthly representation. It is too easy to say its beyond words but within this also lies the ultimate challenge to try and verbalize words and channel energies through the medium of our art.
5. What kind of music do you listen to? Are there any Black Metal bands that you respect for their music and/or attitude?
Thomas Goat: I listen to a wide variety of music. As long as it is pure, refreshing and exciting. This can be pop, rock, country, soul, ambient, metal, any label you want to tag on it. Black Metal is still a lost love i cherish every now and then. There are many bands i respect for their attitude, but probably even more i dislike for their ignorance hahaha To give you some examples of the bands i still listen to for their great musical contribution : Venom, Hellhammer, Burzum, Satyricon (especially the last 3 albums !!) Beherit, Dissection, Barathrum, Black Crucifixion, Emperor (only demo's), Mayhem, Darkthrone, Root, Samael....
6. What do you think about the Black Metal scene of Netherlands? Do you like any band of your country?
Thomas Goat: I am not aware of the current state of the scene or its bands involved. In the early 90's there was a handful of bands but they offered great variety and a inspiring uniqueness in sound and style. Bands like : Apator, Countess, Bestial Summoning, Funeral Winds, Botulistum, Delirium, Necro Schizma.
7. Are you working on a new material this time? When it will be ready and How will it sound?
Thomas Goat: Yes we are working on new songs as we speak. 5 songs are finished (all with their very own strong unique identity) We are still in the writing process for the remaining songs that will complete the album. To be able to explore my creativity to the fullest i wanted to work without the pressure of time, so there is no deadline set for the final product. I strive for perfection, even if that may take another 6 years. The final result will be worth the wait, i can assure you. You can only expect the unexpected. Heretic is an ever-changing entity that will manifest itself in whatever form it wants.
8. Where have you played live? Have you ever come to Greece ? Do you know if there are fans of Heretic? Do you want to play live in Greece ? With which Greek band would you like to play?
Thomas Goat: We have performed shows mostly in Germany , as well as Holland , Belgium , France , Finland & Portugal . I personally would love to go to Greece , if it where only for the great cultural heritage. As far as i know Greece has many Heretic fans and i would love to perform there as well. There would be one band that i have always admired and therefor would like to share a stage with, but unfortunately they don't play live and that would be Necromantia.
9. Tell me about your plans about the new album and the upcoming live shows.
Thomas Goat: Plans are to release a killer album that will be able to stand the tests of time, followed by a great tour through Europe (and maybe beyond) in promotion of it.