Release date:16/06/2007
Label:Forgotten Wisdom Productions


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    Draugur að eigin ósk04:04
  • 4.
    Tilfinning frá hatur04:31
  • 5.
    Okkar heimsveldi03:34
  • 6.
    Forlög illgjarn03:42
  • 7.
    Illbætt og vetrarlegur04:18
  • 8.
    Slag til norðrið odauðlegur04:55
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The Review

Hilderog is a duo band from Iceland which was formed in 2002 and after the release of two demos, in 2002 and 2004, and of a full length album “66,6°Nord”, it was disbanded. “66,6°Nord” contains nine trucks of Scandinavian, frozen Black Metal with some mid – paced, epic – Bathory-like passages.

The riffs are divided in the typical, frozen, fast Black Metal riffs of the Scandinavian school and in epic, rhythmic. Someone who will read it like that will say that it is just another album among the thousands… I won’t disagree. But the band’s purpose is not to give an innovative album to the audience. The band shows that they like that kind of sound but they don’t just stop in repeating it. They try to use their influences creatively, fact which can be understood by the trucks’ “constriction”. Also they easily succeed to pass to the listener the feeling that they want to express. So this album, in my eyes, doesn’t appear to be just another by the thousands.

Every instrument is very well played, they can be heard clearly giving a very solid result. The vocals are the typical harsh Black Metal vocals, maybe a little monotonous and boring. The production is quite dirty that it helps enough the harsh, frozen atmosphere of the compositions. There are no lyrics in the cd and they are written in Icelandic.

Generally “66,6°Nord” if we consider that it is a debut album, it is a very good effort, with passion, feeling, good compositions and the most important is the true love and dedication in that specific sound. Check it out without fear, if you like pure Scandinavian Black Metal.